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  1. leik moldovastr0nkest1995RO iz kommunzt propoganza no exist
  2. oko makhedovski iz faek kantree!!!
  3. How about people just stop trying to ban people that beat them.....and instead maybe focus their efforts on getting better and winning? It's been a thing since forever on pw.
  4. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Master_Rolland_Aquitane The person(s) you are reporting: Savage_Level101 The time stamp; date of the incident (in Central Standard Time, anything else will be ignored completely): 4/30 at around eh 8ish idk in the evening What you are reporting them for: clog The full story: After I got flinged by the map glitch I needed new gear so I halted him and made a demand after he didn't comply I started smacking him to which he spoke some gibberish in local before clogging. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation (any and all screenshots or video footage for example): Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: the equivalent gold amount of all his gear
  5. Seems to me like a legitimate complaint. Will confederate answer for his clear burglarizing?
  6. how much you squat?
  7. Emo wasn't at fault here 17:47:10 - *LOCAL* [Tod_The_Little_Einstein] Halt Rainer 17:47:20 - *LOCAL* [Tod_The_Little_Einstein] drop armor 17:47:28 - Tod_The_Little_Einstein attacked Horse (Baron_Rainer_Normandy) dealing 29 damage 17:47:28 - Tod_The_Little_Einstein attacked Baron_Rainer_Normandy dealing 9 damage 17:47:29 - Tod_The_Little_Einstein attacked Horse (Baron_Rainer_Normandy) dealing 16 damage 17:47:31 - Tod_The_Little_Einstein mounted a Saddle Horse 17:47:39 - *LOCAL* [Tod_The_Little_Einstein] than show puch 17:47:43 - Tod_The_Little_Einstein attacked Baron_Rainer_Normandy dealing 57 damage tod will be bannedet for 3 days since he just got unbannedetd
  8. I've scoured the logs for anything involving the names you mentioned from 4/18 to 4/20 and I couldn't find absolutely anything. What exact date did this occur? Also are you sure you're posting in the correct section?
  9. Since eb's having personal issues rn we can't really resolve this--I wasn't planning on banning him anyway. Make a refund request. As the logs show you only had enough nuggets for one bar that would be 40k.
  10. I'd say a refund of around 120k or the equivalent of 3 silver bars would be fair Ebdanian do you accept
  11. banned for a day
  12. IDK about confederates screen but the guy in the monk robes had above doctor health and based off of the positions RCC was standing in and the noobishness of SPQR I think it'd be safe to assume that you gave them a kill reason for threatening gestures The question is did RCC have a kill reason on the serf? Mainly SPQR_Lord_GEO_IS_LOVEDx 16:33:45 - RCC_Sentinel_EbdanianAdmiral attacked SPQR_Lord_GEO_IS_LOVEDx dealing 86 damage 16:33:45 - RCC_Sentinel_EbdanianAdmiral <img=ico_headshot> SPQR_Lord_GEO_IS_LOVEDx 24 hours
  13. So....Is this solved amicably?