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  1. you do realise I'd make all of the stonewells train outlaws if it was added
  2. The ladders at Abbey, at the top the wall (the wooden parts) have the gap that gets people bugged and therefore no one is able to push that way. Just pointing this out from todays war :)
  3. I say yes. I would make all of the Stonewells retrain horse archer and roam around :)))
  4. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: King_Beethoven_Stonewell, Militia_Baino_Stonewell The person(s) you are reporting: HighLord_Alyn_Swann, Militia_Loxos_Swann, Knight_PJ_Beaufort The time and date of the incident: 13:30 - 04/12/2018 What you are reporting them for: NRR (No Revenge Rule) The full story: Killed quite a bunch of Swanns there with Baino. Srensen came (Had a kill reason) and attacked us and Alyn and Loxos joined back into the fight. Later on Baino came back and got killed by PJ as well. It couldn't have been a skirmish cus there was only two of us. Cipher was around but he never attacked anyone else but me at the end. The reason for the amount of refund is the ignorancy from Alan/Alyn when I told him he NRRed and he said he doesn't care. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: Logs. Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: No. (Swanns refuse to refund so am not taking one either)
  5. So you are blocking both sides almost fully. Just block one of the sides completely and let one of the sides be completely open??
  6. I like this very much. I agree even tho I've seen Swann call the banners on pubs + 2-6 stonewells 4 times already and then ganking them in the village (Last map). But I'm gonna stay out of this complain due to me not needing to be here.
  7. No you will not. I have no clue if there was anyone in lannisport when it happened and during the time if not mistaken there WAS NO LORD in that faction.
  8. Aight everyone else who ain't posting evidence can stay out of this complain. Ty ty I told in TS for everyone to gather up outside our castle when we declared a war on you and the Lannisport faction. I even said in TS that cavalry should go forth and cap the castle first but it was capped few seconds after I stated it. I also got confused of it and stated "Well... I guess not then" and laughed on top of it. I've got a video that should be uploaded on up coming videos (without voice due to the video maker) about some of our sieges again where this one will be included and you can see we declared from our own castle. I'd also like to say that @MrOtto witnessed this whole thing but cannot solve this problem for being in the same faction and TS with me while the insident took place. But he can vouch on the things I just said. I'd also like say how pathetic this complaint is for ban mongering due to the reason none of us was told to actually go there and we declared from our own castle. But whatever I guess. EDIT: Video
  9. If you could take screenshots showing the armories, ladder points, spawns and so on it could be a great help in giving tips etc. about the map. If not I'll just make assumptions that there are no ladders and just add them in the list about the castles
  10. This could be nice. Once I can see ss of the castles/factions/farms etc. I could give my opinion about them.
  11. Had some late night roaming around with Aragorn and made a list of the bugs and tips we could find and think from all of the castles and such: Hakrholm Castle Hellwood Hold Pordisett Castle Nantes Helheim Hold Saint Michaels Abbey Shop Outlaw Camp Over all: Check horse + ingredient stocks to be same.
  12. This has perhaps the same problem the other one from the first sight. Too many props all around. If that could be sorted I could make some suggestions about the castles as well from a clan perspective.
  13. Alright. Well then it could be tested for few days I suppose if it's fit for the server and see how it goes.
  14. Imo it will be too big and cause too much lag with that many props. The size and amount of stuff in the map would be the reason it gets turned down from playing on this server as it becomes hell after there is 100 players on the server. It does look good but it's not all about the looks.