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  1. Your GUID and name: Squire_Rabadox_Swann Reason for refund: spawnning in the water Date & Time: 21/1 a few min before making this request Did you take a server crash refund (if applicable): no Link to the complaint (if applicable): / Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/IJpnGpJ Estimated amount: 140k
  2. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Squire_Rabadox_Swann The person(s) you are reporting: Pro_Baguette The time and date of the incident: 16:45 - 20/01/2019 What you are reporting them for: RDM (Random Death Match) The full story: I was standing on my charger afk inside my castle, in the courtyard, and this guy was inside, and for no reason went to couch me, luckily he couched my charger and killed it, and not me. I ask for a refund, but he ignored it, and prefered to get banned. Well, some people care more about pixels, rather than having time to play in to the server Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: Logs, but vhasj has a record of the rdm. Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: No
  3. Look, i will say what happend from my view.After many hours on pk, and 3-4 wars(which were boring af) , including having a war with your faction too, we were in our castle, being bored and doing nothing cause there was nothing to do, no clans on to war, and you were 10 people in a faction, plus a war between us and your faction was peaced a few min ago. So because there was nothing happening, it was told in the ts to log off , instead of sitting in a castle wasting our day on doing nothing, and i wasnt even planning to spend the rest of my day on pk , cause i had other plans to do. So i went and swap my gear, and went to log off with the others as i didnt see any hostility close to me. As i saw from the logs, i was late 1 min during your war , which i didnt even noticed that you declared, neither aitor's messages, i got only asked if im logging off so i answered and a bit later i got told that you declared on us. I believe that cheese knows that me and aitor would never clog, as this is a game, and from what you told us in the past , you dont care about pixels, and neither do we.If i knew that i clogged back there, i would stay on, as i prefer to lose some pixels, instead of getting banned. So why you waited a 30 man faction to drop to 3 people so you can declare on them and find a reason to ban them? Dick move isnt it? Stop trying to annoy people with stuff like these.
  4. Do you accept 15k refund? 30k is too much for a gear less than 10k-15k, and for the one hit on you. And i would appreciate it if otto could post your words about reporting me instantly after hitting you once on your shield cause of a mistake. If the admins find right to a 30k refund for what happend , take them from my bank, otherwise , im offering a 15k refund.
  5. I didnt know that the war ended, so i went outside and saw you running towards our gates with weapons out, so i attacked you and gave you a hit, but then i saw the peace and said sry, and stopped attacking you. 30k is too much for a single hit. Im offering a 15k refund (for the dmg i did to you).
  6. /devouch I know you for a long time, and im sure that if you had applied back then, i would vouch you . But from what i saw from you in the past months, you shouldnt be an admin. As i remember, after baratheon disband i think, you created a 20 man clan, and a few days later you pretty much failed to merge with lorraines and get a leadership rank,( who they were bullying you as i remember) and you gave away a 20 man faction for a ser rank in lannisters, and as i remember you were being a cunt towards everyone. And from what i saw you were lying about your age, because you are underage and you tried to show everyone that you are an adult i suppose. These are just a few examples from what you did , so imagine what you can do after a few months of being an admin.(correct me if im wrong at something) this is just my opinion.
  7. Your GUID and name: Ftm_Rabadox_Swann Reason for refund: Logged on without my horse Date & Time: 3/12 5-10min before making this Did you take a server crash refund (if applicable): No Link to the complaint (if applicable): - Screenshot: https://ibb.co/JrMZSYH Estimated amount: 500k (plated charger)
  8. devouch As an admin, you will have many responsibilities, and from what you show from they way you acting and talking in chatbox and ingame, you just dont fit in a position like this. + that you were impersonating ragnosos and spudgun the last time i saw you ingame.(which is againist the rules, and i didnt report you because im a good person :))
  9. Your GUID and name: HRE_Ftm_Rabadox Reason for refund: My pc crashed, rejoined and my stuff were missing, my money pouch too, and my healthbar was at 1% Date & Time: 1/8 7:23 or 20 minutes before i make this request Did you take a server crash refund (if applicable): No Link to the complaint (if applicable): Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/5bxsps8 Estimated amount: 165k
  10. I see that exta believed that it was a warzone so he could get a kill reason on me,which means that he was sure that he wouldnt break any rules. I believe that this was a mistake so i will accept a refund based on the stuff i lost.
  11. Im sorry, im saying that i was far away from the warzone, and logs can prove that as there was no killing between that. They demand me something and you instantly killed me. Otherwise you are the one who is trying to make my point wrong, so why dont you prove that? Well, ofcourse you cant prove wrong something which it actually happened, right?
  12. Do you even know that this sentence could even mean that i could be miles away? It points that i rode towards there, not being there. You are not killing someone far away from a castle, with the reason that he was trying to join. And please stay out of this, im sure exta can represent himself about his mistakes pretty good. Even by lying about what happend.
  13. My ss and the logs clearly prooves that you rdmed me, as there were no killings between that time and prooves you wrong about everything you said. You are the one saying that i was in the warzone and i was trying to join the enemy faction.
  14. There was no fight there as i was away from the castle. And if there was a warzone, pepsi or sanguine could have killed me. Unless if you believe that if you have a war with a faction , you can kill everyone who has the same tags with your enemy, no matter if he is in the other side of the map and he is in your faction or even being a commoner , and calling that its a warzone or he was trying to join the enemy faction. You clearly had the sole intention to kill me and kick me from the faction so i could lose my class. I would love to see your evidence showing me in the middle of the fight trying to join your enemy faction as you said.