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  1. didnt break any, not my fault ur entire faction cant block and lost against 2 people
  2. fucking ban me then i dont want to play this shitty dead server if its full of ban mongering spastic polaks like this
  3. Now if you look on his logs he dismounted before we attacked him and after i said dont move
  4. Your faction came and attacked us, we were constantly fighting and u come to my face and expect me not to attack you? NO refund as well smh this community has went to shit
  5. you moved i told you not to move = YOU DEADDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  6. Why does he deserve an unban? You are all admitting he hasn’t changed so why the fuck would he be unbanned. ‘So he can’t be that toxic’ Hes the same rat as before
  7. Edgy kid in global DEVOUCH (in before people say im edgy too fucking kys)
  8. this is dumb someone close this @Secan flanslover pls help
  9. kys name doubling fgts u insulted me!!11!1
  10. Posts some top class snapchat stories /vouch
  11. Dude u will NEVER get unbanned if you use this brother excuse. Just tell the truth, read the rules and apologise