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  1. I tried to be reasonable by giving his weapon back and apologising constantly, however his behaviour over a simple mistake with '5K OR FORUM' is just pissing me off. I wanted to be reasonable after a stupid mistake on my behalf, but im not giving this autist 5k. I refuse, ban me if you have to, but people like this dont deserve refunds
  2. What do you mean, he lost absolutely nothing, i gave him a weapon and there were doctors there so he would lose nothing more. Last time i checked it was a refund if he didnt get his stuff back. I also dont recall people getting money for time wasting, this kid is literally sak 2.0
  3. You are extremely biased towards me, you cried in global for ages because me and hagrid kept killing your entire faction. Honestly, its hilarious how biased you are. Most of the server think you're biased, and by letting other complaints go unnoticed whilst you solve this complaint within 5 minutes of its creation, reinforces that fact. The amount of warning points you give me for literally fuck all is also another reason YOURE BIASED. But, what can you do -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Either way, notice how you neglected to put the logs where i brought his weapon back to his spawn and apologised again. This is just pathetic bias against me and you clearly just want me banned. No wonder you got suspended for 2 weeks but i believe i can speak on the behalf of this community, that it shouldve been a permanent suspension :)
  4. also i love how complaints havent been solved but Otto solves this instantly because he hates me with a passion, what a fucking joke
  5. i said i forgot its not complicated. i was contributing to the re cos ynot didnt really think what i was doing. I went over and gave him his weapon back, if you couldnt see he was constantly crying and clearly ban mongering. I literally came back to his castle right next to him dropped the weapon and said sorry and he was just like "WAA 5K OR FORUM, ENJOY BAN WAAA" How to kill the server 2018
  6. Your in-game name when you were banned: Your GUID (not required): Why you think you were banned: I think i insulted an admin with like fuck you etc but i didnt say anything personal towards him Why you should be unbanned: ive waited a while and would like to occasionally contribute to the shoutbox again Any other information that might be useful: soz lad
  7. I was banned for calling a certain admin a spastic and stuff so I apologise but I didn't say anything personal and haven't shit posted since. Feel like I've waited long enough and would like my voice back pls
  8. lol a dying community and still people want others banned for simple mistakes
  9. All i can say is it was clearly a skirmish and people were looting a lot of stuff. This may have been a mistake from him killing Otto. Also you cant say 'suspicious' kills when they havent been reported lmao, if they were rdm theyd be on the forum. All i can do is offer a refund a reasonable refund of 15k on his behalf considering he lost nothing
  10. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Hagrid- The person(s) you are reporting: Knight_of_the_Silver_Swan The time and date of the incident: 23:50 - 19/08/2018 What you are reporting them for: RDM (Random Death Match) The full story: I killed a godwin alone then he couched my friend for no reason lol Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: logs Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: Yes, 40000 Gold
  11. Now if you look on his logs he dismounted before we attacked him and after i said dont move
  12. Your faction came and attacked us, we were constantly fighting and u come to my face and expect me not to attack you? NO refund as well smh this community has went to shit
  13. you moved i told you not to move = YOU DEADDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  14. Why does he deserve an unban? You are all admitting he hasn’t changed so why the fuck would he be unbanned. ‘So he can’t be that toxic’ Hes the same rat as before