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  1. that was pre castle capture days yea
  2. In early PW outlaws actually had faction chat but got removed later on.
  3. Will bring it up in admin meeting this Sunday.
  4. Use the format.
  5. Hans is right its not NRR since you were not involved in the kill at that time there is 7 minutes between you attacking him and being killed by the other lannister.
  6. Ted had nothing to do with closing it Henricus did. He fixed his mistake.
  7. Ill forward this to avenger. This is one of the best suggestions in a long time.
  8. Your app was a joke your reputation is one of a joker/troll your admin complaint is a joke aswell insulting Ted for refusing your app shows you are not rdy and able to be a admin. And me and Ted both made the call to deny you. Ooh yea you will be receiving warning points for the insults. It will result in suspension from the website. Feel free to contact us via TS/Steam in a week or so to discus a unban from website
  9. Oke ill be looking closer into this case over the next day or two. The first thing i would like to comment on is the warning points given into: They have been revoked Hagaron did not rly do anything wrong as he was right. And as i remember myself a while ago it was said that was NRR when someone who just got killed made someone KoS in faction chat. But that was revoked. And here is where i quote Bridge Troll: We have no rule on metagaming so it is not NRR to call someone KoS in faction chat when he killed you. Now i would like to point out something William said about retired staff members. Yes there have been some situations where former staff have tried to damage the staff team and by that also the server. They were talked to and they are now refraining from it.
  10. Proton has the right to refuse uses of his maps and since he does not want this map used i will lock this
  11. William did nothing wrong. Use common sence CI then this will not have happend.
  12. Ted was the one who actually banned you right after i quoted you in shoutbox.
  13. Map will prob be put up in the evening its not fully finished armoury's will have no stock and prices might still be a bit weird. So you can have a looksie on the map.
  14. Well he might not be as experienced as most of our mappers but with a some more work maybe it can be better.
  15. Abusing powers means using them in a way it favors me to make me gain something. Wich i did not. I could have handled it different yes but i never abused my powers.