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  1. had closer look and its turns out there several more ppl were there and there was fighting there for its skirmish zone. also saxons asked for help in faction chat Josh unbanned ban removed
  2. @Tommy @Bridge Troll
  3. @Aemon Personal Insult in Global - Magicman Aemon 2017-01-19 15:35:38 2017-01-20 15:35:38
  4. I guess this is solved if not pm me.
  5. 19:41:59 - *LOCAL* [Ted_of_Godwin] back xD 19:41:42 - *LOCAL* [Squire_Falcon_Lorraine] eric you do speed, you have better sailing than us 19:41:56 - *LOCAL* [Squire_Falcon_Lorraine] eric spam up arrow here 19:42:47 - *LOCAL* [Squire_Falcon_Lorraine] where's our reward? 19:43:42 - Ted_of_Godwin attacked Squire_Falcon_Lorraine dealing 12 damage 19:43:48 - [Squire_Falcon_Lorraine] rdm saxony 19:43:53 - [Squire_Falcon_Lorraine] Whoever hit me, nice random Ted was the one that shot you he will be given 24 hours to respond to why he shot.
  6. Yes this is my mistake banned the wrong GUID you are unbanned. Sorry for the inconvenience. You are in your right if you want to make a admin complaint for this or feel free to come on ts/PM me/add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198029658350/ if you want any compensation or something for this.
  7. get me 2
  8. @Enok 7211 2696832 Class glitching until appeal - he needs to read the rules Enok
  9. And maybe a merc camp more in the center of the map
  10. more like Oasis ripoff
  11. Unbanned
  12. Oke ill give you a chance. Unbanned.
  13. The winner is Spudgun [sorry for the delay lost track of time]