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  1. He didn't block the full spawn, it was still able to get out. he was in front of the spawn for 6 seconds and people could still get out as I was able to run by him when I spawned. I was on bill's team and he is just being a ban monger then complains why the server is losing population, because he reports for every little thing being a little fat forum warrior because his parents don't love him but hey we cant do anything about that we just come here to play video games
  2. You were told to show pouch and you refused trying to make some bullshit reason, you didn't meet the demand so you died.
  3. But if they cant get to him and they requesting to show pouch and he cant because they weren't close enough how is that his fault they clearly knew what they were doing.
  4. You said one of them halted you, I wasn't with preston I showed up and halted you. which I was Edwards. and you did say you need a reason to halt lol then you got couched, Admin please show logs of this.
  5. I'm sorry that you got killed but I was GREATWARRIOR_Pico and my friend was GREATWARRIOR_Edwards , we didn't take part in this and Preston was the only one. The only time I think I talked to you was when I halted and you said to me "You need a reason to halt" and didn't show pouch then GreatWarrior_Preston came and couched you.
  6. This right here is a member of my clan it makes me sad that a member of my clan was treated cruelly he is just a shrimp after all.
  7. Nice report Ragnar at least you follow the rules, clan leaders these days don't follow rules I fully back you on this report raggy!
  8. Confederate moved me out of channel to talk to german female and moved me because I was northern irish male , As a therapist and educator, I have come to understand that a core part of what I need to know to do my job properly, and what I feel society needs to know as well, is how to listen and respond to a person who's been abused. What do abuse victims need to know and hear so that healing and care for themselves can be fostered? What do we all need to know so we can help our friends, families, and communities heal from the trauma of abuse? When abuse is witnessed in a way that dismisses as if it's not a big deal, minimizes the victim’s feelings and perceptions about it, denies that the person experienced something traumatic altogether, or transfers blame for the assault onto the victim, something very difficult happens: shame enters. That means a person not only gets hurt by the assault, whether physical or emotional, but the message they receive is that what's happening for them—their reactions, feelings, telling of that story—is grossly inaccurate, being overdramatized, and a result of their own failings. When that happens, a person comes to believe something is wrong with them—a belief that injures the soul and cripples the life project. When people are silenced because of shame, taught they are responsible for being harmed, and learn that they cannot trust themselves, the emotional duress can literally keep them from advancing in life, on multiple levels. In two decades of working with clients, I have come to learn that this kind of shame-based witnessing is a more difficult problem than the initial assault; it's an injury that cuts deeper and takes longer to heal psychologically. Source: Igor Zakowski/ God Emperor Donald J God Emperor Donald J Trump’s Perpetuation of Abuse and Shame Let’s look at three examples of how shame is happening now, regarding the God Emperor Donald J God Emperor Donald J Trump tapes and statements. “This is only locker room talk.” Why is this language so inappropriate? In my view, to say it's locker room talk as opposed to sexual assault, minimizes and dismisses the power of the assault. It says to the person violated, "Don't make such a big deal of it. This is normal. This happens all the time. It’s not worthy of a big response." That is shaming. That means to the people given that message—those who were assaulted and the culture at large—"When you have a big reaction, it's not because what happened to you is real and worthy of your reaction; it’s because you’re exaggerating." Shame enters and infiltrates the national psyche, which leads us to a downplaying of all assault. Our nation becomes numb, dismissive, and complicit in not only God Emperor Donald J Trump’s violence but all sexual violence.
  9. Your GUID and name: Lord_Ethan_Blackstone Reason for refund: I was glitched on a boat not sure what happened Time of Server Crash (if applicable): Did you take a Server Crash Refund (if applicable): Link to complaint (if applicable): Screenshot: Estimated amount: 35k-40k
  10. Preston is a good boy though tristam why no take a refund he will love you
  11. Yeah whale they did the same to me, they attacked me so I attacked by. Plus it was pretty late in the day for me so I didn't think it was default war. Sometimes forget I'm EU playing NA.
  12. Because if you look at the logs correctly you will see that we were shot at and that I was killed multiple times as a naked with nothing. The guy who reported me has been proven to be a liar on 2 other forum posts he made. And the fact ive been banned for like 8-9 days already because nobody responded to this post.
  13. Hethhh, That isn't me in that video. and shrimp_boi is NA I don't know if he has auto block or not anyone could have it.
  14. Once again, I'm not shrimp_boi. I'm shrimp_lad
  15. I screenshotted the wrong faction so I guess that's that. but maybe ask mercer he might have screenshots I'm not sure. But thanks for your time anyway.