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  1. As I've said, you can clearly see antonio hitting other Swanns that weren't hitting him, resulting that he did commit RDM anyway. And I'm fairly certain he started attacking and on top of that was being a big obstacle to us.
  2. Falling back doesn't mean standing in our way, with no intention to leave the castle.
  3. As you can see from my footage we didn't start a fight with any of the CI. Somewhere in this video they peaced the Brandenburgs, which we were sieging together. Since they peaced we found it a correct reason to kill any of the CI if they truly were in the way and also in the war zone (Which is a completely legal kill reason.) You can see that many of the CI were left alone, even though they were standing in the middle of the war doing nothing because of the failed backstab they made. Also at the start of the video you can see that Antonio guy just hitting everyone he saw there whilst we were going down the ramp.
  4. Editing it so I don't have to upload an hour long video. But anyway, they peaced in the war, starting running in our way and actually did start swinging first. The fact they peaced and were in our way gives us more than enough of a reason to kill them.
  6. @Techno Yes, we agreed that someone would make a report.
  7. Crusher it was edited a short while ago as to where it is not allowed anymore, apperantly. Though I do think there was a valid KOS on you anyway, since you were couching us when CI kept coming for us and you were in their faction, and I don't think you died ever since.
  8. Your GUID and name: GUID: 1792451 IGN: Squire_Bronxh_Swann Reason for refund: Spawned in water after map change today. Date & Time: 4:55 CET , 21/01/2019 Video: Estimated amount: 120K
  9. Your GUID and name: 1792451, Squire_Bronxh_Swann Reason for refund: I dropped plate body armor, it appeared in the loot pile, then the loot pile closed itself and it disappeared. (Blue Churburg) Date & Time: 18/01/2019 , Around 4:50PM CET / +1 GMT Screenshot: Just a screenshot of me without my body armor, not really proof, but I hope you can see that I dropped the plate in the logs, if not, earlier on in the day we killed someone as outlaw. The person had plate, which is how I got it. I recorded us killing him. Estimated amount: 72100
  10. hi, i think it was pretty clear that that didn't belong to you sir. instead of being a spastic and trying to get the community more toxic than it already is, use your brains. i ain't refunding anything, but this report should have my name on it and not other's. if this means a ban or w/e for me, then so be it. I don't think this person should receive anything that could be in his favour
  11. i like my lettuce nice and wet
  12. Your GUID and name: GUID: 1792451 Current IG name: Ftm_Bronxh_Swann Reason for refund: Spawned in the water with no health and died instantly. Date & Time: 12/10/2018, 16:58 CET Screenshot: Estimated amount: 80.000~ , (Sultan body, sultan helmet, boots, gloves, weaponry)
  13. Myles said you were KOS, you were running about when we were getting raided, you keep going to our castle and being a minge
  14. I'm almost certain that there was just a skirmish going on, between us and your faction. Or w/e.
  15. 1v1 me aoe and we'll see if u deserve admin or not vouch tho