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  1. Just what the point of this?
  2. Voted No for this reason. It's pretty easy to play MS for now, but if we need to learn again all the craft..
  3. We're ban and poor* !!!
  4. I'm not a part of the clan, but I'm a part of their IG faction. It's hard to understand ? When you are playing in a faction you are a member of this IG faction. I hope it's a joke? Some friends playing together is a clan at the same rank than the Lorraines or the Ottomans? Now I'm waiting for 1 HA to deal with this. And please don't delete the comment like Proton did, even if they are againt you.
  5. I think it's hard for you to understand. Both Lorraines and Ottomans have pubs in their factions. So here, for this event, why the pubs are not allowed to take part on this event? Pubs are a part of the Lorraine and Ottomans IG faction.
  6. Both leaders requested you to kick the pubs out of their factions ? I think if they don't want pubs they can kick them, but here you forced the clans to kick them. William told you to perm ban the people who wanted to take part in this event and are not a part of a clan? 3 message = 0 answer
  7. Maybe for this ? 18:02:38 - *ANNOUNCEMENT* [GA_Benji] You have until 5 minutes past the current hourto leave the factions that are taking part if ur not a member, if u dont I will just temp ban you (1 hour) And I'm pretty sure I asked you on the local chat when you was standing in Osvir courtyard.
  8. And like I said before if you are not in a clan you can't take part in a event? On PW, you have the clans AND the pubs. And the pubs are a part of this community. If the ottomans can't get the same numbers than the lorraines, then you can allow the pubs to join them? Fair war and everyone can take part. Im pretty sure it's the first time that I see some people getting banned because they only wanted to play.
  9. Like I've said on the complaint, if we did anything wrong it's only my fault. Im pretty sure I asked you when you was standing in Osvir courtyard. You can check my loggs E: If this complaint can stay clear and people like Harry don't post some irrevelant shit, thanks
  10. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Ftm_Alsace_Lorraine The admin(s) you are reporting also include whether they are forum staff, Game Admin or a Head Admin: GAME ADMIN Benji The time and date of the incident (in GMT+0, anything else will be ignored completely): 17h00GMT+0 What you claim the admin has done: Abusing his powers, over reacting... The full story: I was told that an event will take part on the server so I came on with some others rushya in order to take part on this event with the Lorraines. This event was a siege event between the Ottomans and the Lorraines. After geared up and lined up, Benji started to say in the admin chat that every pleb need to leave the Ottomans and Lorraine fac, without any reason. I really want to know why a pub can't take part on a event on PW? They can't do the same shit than a clan member ? You can't take part in a war if you are not in a clan ? So at this time I logged on the server for an event than I wasn't allowed to take part in because Im not a Lorraine or an Ottoman member. Since me (and the others Rushyas) are always playing inside the Lorraine faction, I asked Bawo if we could join them for the event and he accepted. We relogged with Lorraine tagg and took part on this event. During the event we followed the rules (Let the ottomans loot back, don't say anything in the global chat...ect ) and since it was over we logged off. When we was off Benji perm banned us and some others pubs. But for which reason Benji banned us? Because we just played and had some fun during an event on the server. Since a lot of people told Benji that it's maybe too much to ban some guys only because they played on the server, he changed the perm ban to a 2 days ban and 100k wipe. But I think it's still way too much. If you really don't want pubs on the server you can put a password on the server and don't let the pubs play on it. I've made this complaint on my own, so if I'm wrong, you can only blame me and not the others Rushya/Pubs. Thanks. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation (any and all screenshots or video footage for example): logs?
  11. I was pretty sure that you can't be more retarded than ManlyStanly but I was wrong... I'm sorry Manly, really...
  12. We know barca
  13. Edited
  14. Well, if its so easy to make a texture pack you can make one?