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  1. And why this time? And btw you can add the Brandenburg in the list I think?
  2. Hello Who is going to retrain HA now???
  3. The Stonewells already disbanded?
  4. Nothing better to do with your members since most of them can't block
  5. vouch!
  6. You made this mod in order to kill this community! MONSTER
  7. Or maybe because he made a complaint on me without accepting a refund :)
  8. We spammed no loot, just post the logs. And anyways looks like a skirmish
  9. You forgot the title of the best HRE Prince /vouch!!
  10. Idk who you are, but if you can fuck off from this complaint since you are not involved in, glue sniffer
  11. It's not my fault if 1 admin made a mistake some months ago :))))))))))))))
  12. "Help" as always been a demand and everyone know this.