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  1. This complaint will be invalid anyways.....
  2. You forgot the title of the best HRE Prince /vouch!!
  3. Idk who you are, but if you can fuck off from this complaint since you are not involved in, glue sniffer
  4. It's not my fault if 1 admin made a mistake some months ago :))))))))))))))
  5. "Help" as always been a demand and everyone know this.
  6. May you upload this record pls? This headshot was pretty good!
  8. Ehhhhhhhh you are not going to be accepted
  9. You only changed your way when I told you again to move to Montsombre and not to the shop Yes because you were already crying, was kinda funny tbh
  10. The horse was alone, how I can know you own it? Yeah sure, didnt know the mining axe had such a long range Leaving towards the shop and not Montsombre : So I could kill you way before Montsombre if I wanted, and nice warzone yeah
  11. Oasis less laggy, yeah sure
  12. I think no one care about your opinion, sry