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  1. Because it was determined you are still responsible for your RDM actions against the miners... You can not random the guards then say "hey we did it legal after that" (debatable if it actually is) what kind of logic would it be if we allowed people to random, pay a gear refund, and keep all the silver they stole ending up in the black?
  2. Just to clarify the suicidal serf is not counted on either of the bans as RDM Jake killed two people and Tipsso0 killed a third. The two serfs were not killed in the initial rdm.
  3. Short answer you your question, yes take the hit if you are unwilling or unable to document your kill reasons it is expressly stated in the rule set that you must provide proof of aiming. When no evidence is provided the admin team must go by logs alone. The logs do not show people drawing a weapon.
  4. Incase I muddled and did not explain it properly both sides arguments were accounted for when it came the ruleing of if the two silver hand carts should be refunded I will redue my math for you 2 hand carts which were agreed by both partys to be full were lost there is 24 slots in each hand cart 24 x 2 is 48 the value of a single silver nugget is 6k 48 x 6000 is 288k (this was agreed on by a HA) I added 12k in misc costs such as armour though in reality it would be closer to jakes estimate of 30k or 40k My total is 300k if anything it should have been closer to 330k to factor in gear costs conclusion, if anything I undervalued the equipment lost when analyzing fair refund value Oh and I was speaking to Bawo on steam to get Tipps0 and Jake to respond (Jake responded on his own) Bawo informed me that "we (lorraines) will not be refunding"
  5. If you had just contacted me I could have explain in depth the questions you have here. if you look at the logs you can see 23:41:43 - KingsGuard_Tipps0_Lorraine attacked Templar_Sergeant_Diddi dealing 0 damage 23:41:45 - Squire_JAKE_Lorraine123 attacked Louiz_Amstrong dealing 15 damage 23:41:47 - KingsGuard_Tipps0_Lorraine attacked Templar_Sergeant_Diddi dealing 45 damage //I would like to also know what the kill reason was for this aswell There was no interaction between Tipps0 and Diddi, no Templar attacked anyone in the entire exchange. I asked Tipps0 to clarify his kill reason, he decided not to. It is a clear case of RDM As for the refund amount it was cleared by a HA and I agree it was fair as what you gentlemen did was clear random after which you stole their silver and used your non faction members to move the goods that were stolen by outlaws back to your castle for processing additionally please correct your statement the price is clearly not for already smithed bars of silver since I would not be multiplying by 48. TLDR: The refund was reasonable and Tipps0 randomed Diddi according to the logs since Tipps0 provided no evidence when asked.
  6. I agree with Evil may, to elaborate on his suggestion I would suggest the following Doctor class: stays the same Healer class: able to wear up to archer tier armor and can heal up to 50% the goal of this would to be a sort of combat medic which could protect the medics as well as heal black barred people or horses enough so they could fall back to a healing station.
  7. isn't there a way with death spectator that it can be made so a dead player can only spectate members of there faction, if so I would be ok with that as long as there is still no Uav mode were people can hide to avoid getting halted.
  8. I remember a Lorraine admin who got in a lot of trouble with the admin team for his conduct while admining. I believe it to be you, if someone for the admin team could clear this up that would be great.
  9. I am more interested in the second part here is the shortened version, if you see or know of other clan members break rules you have proof of the rule break but the complainer and the admins do not have the information. Do you give the information or keep your mouth shut?
  10. This is actually a serious question Tommy don't go deleting it OK? Jon Snow lets lay out some base facts: you have been a stark for a very long period of time including as far back as nexus. The Starks as a clan have had a serious issue of combat logging leaving them with the joke "all Starks combat log". have you personally combat logged anytime in the past and additionally but more importantly if you knew your clan was breaking rules and officers were attempting to cover it up what side would you support? The admin team trying to punish rule breakers or your own clan.
  11. What is your stance of combat loggers Jon Snow?
  12. Nexus was a clan based and Robin admined on it and held a good reputation in the community as being a fair admin.
  13. Ah I think I remember you, you were an early admin back on nexus were you not? I remember him being calm and has experience better then some of the recent admin apps I have read. Vouch
  14. Bil? I remember him as a troll. /Devouch
  15. Finally someone gets it!