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  1. the Lancasters where the kings of England for a time so it isnt the kingdom of Lancaster it would be the kingdom of England
  2. are you reatrded Lancaster was'nt a kingdom it was a house you fucking mongol(s)
  3. he props just hasn't made it yet
  4. so before or after i die?
  5. thank god
  6. i dont believe it to be so
  7. and maybe FIX THE AUTO SELL!
  8. lol its obvious i meant templar but that actually looks cool too
  9. Clan Name: irrelevant Banner Description&Details: new tempar banner Banner Image (Optional): no clue
  10. sounds like persistent kings to me the shitty off brand mod
  11. seams like we have the huns in PW then...
  12. if possible commendable bots, that you could recruit lets say from a tavern to help out new clans. so they can actually defend their castle insted of them being crushed by fucking plebs
  13. yes
  14. Can an Admin move this to the PW suggestions section?
  15. yes :I posted it the wrong place