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  1. the Lancasters where the kings of England for a time so it isnt the kingdom of Lancaster it would be the kingdom of England
  2. are you reatrded Lancaster was'nt a kingdom it was a house you fucking mongol(s)
  3. he props just hasn't made it yet
  4. so before or after i die?
  5. thank god
  6. i dont believe it to be so
  7. and maybe FIX THE AUTO SELL!
  8. lol its obvious i meant templar but that actually looks cool too
  9. Clan Name: irrelevant Banner Description&Details: new tempar banner Banner Image (Optional): no clue
  10. sounds like persistent kings to me the shitty off brand mod
  11. yes
  12. Can an Admin move this to the PW suggestions section?
  13. yes :I posted it the wrong place
  14. shit i posted this at the wrong place :I
  15. Gold as in the gold you can mine