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  1. What. The. Fuck. Can an admin please remove this completely irrelevant flame post? Accusing me of bait and trash talking lol? Just goes to show you still dont understand what happend. There is no baiting at all involved, just me who does not agree with the way this kill reason was generated, and I was unsatisfied with the way Magicman handled the report, since he said I stole the armour again after dying, which I dont agree with. For me the entire report is based on my belief that in this case I was killed for something my character did in its previous life, based on incorrect assumptions made by the Lorraines. Anyway I feel like you will still not understand the situation since you for some reason refuse to read what is said in my posts. Could everyone unrelated stop posting and lets just wait for what admins have to say?
  2. Again Evilmay, you seem to have it wrong. I gave nobody a kill reason, someone completely unrelated asked me how I got this armour, with NO Lannisters nearby. I gave him the story how I got it, and he made the wrong assumption that this had happend in this life. The reason my clarification comes after I was already hit is because Jeyne immediatly attacked me the second opie said to him to kill me, not giving me enough time to further explain that their assumption was wrong. Again, nowhere did I say that I how I got the armour had happend in this life, I could have stolen it last week and told the same story, or as in this case stole it in another life (completely unnoticed might I add, no Lannister had a kill reason on me since they did not know they had been robbed). It is Opie's fault that he made wrong assumptions, and Jeynes for blindly acting on them without confirming anything.
  3. However, I did not steal the armour in that life. My statement on how I got the armour was a factual one, I couldve stolen this armour from the Lannister keep a week ago, my story on how I had gotten the armour was not applicable to my new life. You cant kill someone for what they did in a previous life, to incorporate your example then this would be like me insulting the Lannisters against someone else, I die in between, and then that person snitches me out. In this case the kill reason would not be legit, the action that generates the kill reason had not played out in this life. The current character had picked up the armour after I had died from fall damage at the outlaw bridge. It was no longer stolen, the armour was from the point I died owned by nobody. This fact seems to have been ignored by the admins so far, with Magicman saying I somehow stole the armour again by picking it up again after dying. According to this logic Lannisters wouldve been able to kill anyone picking up the armour since its somehow still their armour? Where would be the line, when would it no longer be Lannister armour then? I also would say what I say was not insulting, it was merely a factual statement to someone literally asking me if it was Lannister armour, who then told a Lannister later. I get your point Hagaron, but could you please adress why my current character was killed for something it did in a previous life?
  4. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Mohammed_Ali The admin(s) you are reporting also include whether they are forum staff, Game Admin or a Head Admin: Magicman The time and date of the incident (in GMT+0, anything else will be ignored completely): Not applicable What you claim the admin has done: Misinterpreted the logs, did not look at the actual contested points. The full story: I refer here to his decision in which Magicman makes several critical mistakes: " You stole it again after you died. And you told someone about it a full 11mins later? What exactly did you expect to happen? " First off, I died in a completely different location than the Lannister keep and then looted it off my body. The accusation that I stole it again makes no sense and is completely incorrect, by all intents or purposes its now my armour, otherwise where would be the line? From the point that I looted the armour off my body again after dying from fall damage the armour was mine, no longer Lannister armour. Secondly, the person I told was NOT in the Lannister faction. In fact there were no Lannisters anywhere close. Then later when a Lannister came by Opie said: "He said he stole this armour from the Lannister keep, you can kill him its in the logs." However this should not be a kill reason, since there is NO ingame way for Jeyne to confirm that what Opie says is true. Therefore she should never be able to generate a kill reason from this, he could have maybe asked me wheither what Opie said was true and try to generate one that way, but Opie's words by themselves should never be enough. An analogy to point this out further: A pleb tells me: "Lannisters suck man" and then I go find the nearest Lannister and tell him: "That pleb just said you suck go kill him." According to Magicmans logic this Lannister would now have a legit kill reason. However, there is no ingame proof to back up my words, I could be lying, there is simply no way to check. The same happend here, Opie told someone who did not witness what I had said to go kill me, on what was even an incorrect kill reason since what I had said no longer counted for the current life of my character. So please actually take the time to read these paragraphs and understand the contested points, which have to do with the way kill reasons are generated and with the fact that the armour could no longer be counted as stolen. TL;DR: I steal armour from the Lannister keep unnoticed. I die from fall damage at outlaw bridge. I pick the armour up again. I get mobbed by a bunch of Lorraines who ask me wheither its Lannister armour. I say yes and that I got it from their keep. Shortly after Jeyne Lannister comes by. Opie of the Lorraines says: "He just said he got his armour from the Lannister keep its in the logs you can kill him" I immediatly get killed although I explain why their assumption that I stole it this life was wrong. Opie therefore incorrectly gave Jeyne a kill reason. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation (any and all screenshots or video footage for example):