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  1. That he did grief?
  2. Permanent with appeal stays on it for ever--> Other bans stay there for 3-9 months? Something like this?
  3. I was thinking about a clog thing I saw a few days ago, but I have actually no idea if it is combatlog. Faction A declares on Faction B-> Faction B has no chance of winning-> Faction B flees to the castle of Faction C-> they join and immediately log. Is this combat log? As you are not at war with them anymore but still log to avoid a hostile situation, so is this loopholing or is this allowed? It is just a question out of curiosity with no avail or anything. -Greetings
  4. gog.com/g2a.com
  5. Hello, Today I tried to join the server after I downloaded the mod but it says that I'm banned from the server? I never played on the server so I have no idea why I would be banned, can anybody tell me what to do? Calradia_Roleplay says that I'm banned too but GoldenKingdoms_PW says I'm not. And I can play native with it so why can't I play on phoenix? GUID: 2438373