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  1. I do I met Rodia like I put in any other info area and he'll tell you guys
  2. Your in-game name when you were banned: Anus_Piercing Why you think you were banned: I can understand how in the logs it might look like i just killed the guy but the guy kept trying to take the boat me and my friends were on, in fact at one point he took it and we lost it. the guy was from the same fac and was being an ass and since no admins where on i took care of him myself. i hope you understand. Why you should be unbanned: because of complete miscommunication, and standing up for my right to play without someone in the same faction as me fucking with me. and he opened fire on us fist even after he took the boat i figure its cause we asked him to stop and we pulled our bows but he took the first shot. Any other information that might be useful: Rodia_Rascolnikav saw it unfold.