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  1. Your in-game name when you were banned:Wolfguard_Raccoon_of_Tredian Your GUID (not required):Don't know(Forgot) Why you think you were banned:I dunno we were banned when we were RPING with the Village ppl Why you should be unbanned:I think we got banned cause of one dude with armor that we killed with a Scythe (Even knowing he only had to block one way) but even so someone guarded his shit so nobody lost anything.But back to the point we were just fucking arround (RPING) in the village nobody lost anything it was all in good fun, and there wesen't rly any reason to have banned us apart from the admim reasoning that "We had been banned before". Any other information that might be useful:No nigga i never take screenshots apart from when we are looting. -Yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff
  2. Yes you do cause if you don't it's consider to be a reason for you to become a KOS. Gosh read the rules.
  3. NO all of our fights are Duels, it's our tradition lol
  5. Your in-game name at the time of the incident:Duke_Raccoon_of_Cards The person(s) you are reporting:Prince_Jonathan_of_Hightower The time stamp; date of the incident (in GMT+1, anything else will be ignored completely):Arround 5 or 6 on east coast timeing, 03/22/2017 What you are reporting them for:Ninja Caping 2x(Well they tried twice) The full story:So we were doing the typical shit that we do, dueling ppl, robbing gold miners etc, when on of *IM GAY*(Yes that was the name of their fac) faction members halted Jen, we killed him and their friends that tried helping him, we declared war to him, the war goes on for some time, then a Hightower comes in inside our fac as a professional Ninja capper i knew he was going to ninja cap our castle cause was walking arround closing gates and shit hiding, so we kicked him and killed him just to make sure, then his fac goes to a diferent fac, till then fine we were just fighting the Templars and their friends, then they all come in the castle with banners start chilin near the banners (THey must've tought that we were retards tbh lol) and declared war to us, we killed both of the cappers and their 2 friends, they peaced the war, and got salty over us saying that they had the rights of ninja capped cause aperently we "RDMED" one of his friends(THey don't even know the diference betwen rdm and Duels gosh) so till then fine Jonathan just started bitching in the chat for a while, so at the end of the was we went to cap Jelk i think it's that one near comm ships, we capped it we peaced the war then we just went to fuck arround, while i was going back to our castle i started being rdmer by WhaleFinch( i think it was his name) and tk_Nikkles(Wich was in the Hightower fac), so i ran away till our castle walls but our gates were closed cause while we were gone, the Hightowers sneaked into our castle(WHile at peace with us) and locked our gates, me and this comm killed Finch then NIkkles runned away(Probly scared of my amazing feints that only a pro would be able to do), after that the Hightowers declared war to us while inside our castle and started capping, i would've been able to have stoped the cap cause i was an archer i was shoting the capper on one of the cap points, i was able to hit him once but my first shot missed him, then i was banned with my Boyfriend Kealad(His fursona is a big Black Horse :) ). Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation (any and all screenshots or video footage for example):Nope unfortunatly i don't take screenshots plus i usualy delete then all cause they are usualy me looting. Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount:Yes one Million dollars. :) or 200k cause we lost +Armor weps, and i think our classes. PS:Thanks for actualy showing me why i was banned, most admim just say something about my name being offensive and not actualy responding anything *Cough* *Cough* GK *Cough*
  6. Mercer those were all Duels, none of them were rdm. And offcourse im a furry, how would i yiff boyscouts if i wasen't a furry? :)
  7. Your in-game name when you were banned:Duke_Raccoon_of_Cards Why you think you were banned:Probly Mass RDM wich im not dening Why you should be unbanned:Because i don't rly think i mass rdmed, well not this time at least, BUT , i do wish to know why the admim didn't came to us to "Interrogate" us to hear both sides of the argument even knowing that the time when i was banned our castle was being ninja capped again by the Hightowers (Wich i love how the admim competly ignored that when we warned him about how the the Blackfires were Ninja caping us, but whateves they failed anyways somehow i rly don't know how someone can fail at ninja caping so proud of them :) ), so i would just like to know wich rdm was it or maybe even an unban, cause we didn't mass rdm (THIS TIME, WELL MAYBE). Any other information that might be useful:I was literally being rdmed by tk_Nikklez and Walle_Fynch or somethin like that and also at the same time of that we were being ninja caped once again by the Hightowers wich they literally locked us outside our castle cause we peaced the war, they warred us inside our castle (AGAIN) and the admim just turned a blind eye on it AGAIN (Even worst i was about to stop em cause i was an archer but then i instantly got banned) :(