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  1. Not a lot of PW admin experience and would require some training. Overall, a good guy. Vouch
  2. Please fix your paragraph. No past experience. Would be valuable, but would require a lot of training and stress testing. Devouch
  3. Extremely active on the server and the overall PW community. Sometimes hot headed but overall has good character. Knows the distance between right and wrong. If his temper is more controlled then he would be a valuable member of the team. Vouch
  4. The paragraph needs some work. His intent seems good, but being a high ranking member of a clan could cause him to be drawn away from his admin duties or ignore them. Overall, neutral leaning more towards Devouch. If dedicated could be valuable.
  5. We are sorry to inform you that your admin application has been denied. You may reapply in a week if you so choose.
  6. Congratulations, your reapplication has been accepted. Make sure to come into ts at some point so Midnight can set you up with permissions both on the forums and Teamspeak. Welcome to the team. ts.pw-phoenix.com