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  1. Could do, but it comes back down to the fact that a lot of them are lazy when they first join the mod, since they aren't sure if it's worth playing.
  2. I think the server welcome message should contain all server rules and anything else that's necessary to know before beginning. This is because most new players are too lazy or confused to tab out and go into the browser and go digging for the website and server rules, so it's better to just bring it to them.
  3. Of course I understand that the way I may not have explained the feature in the most polished way, but I'm just throwing the idea out there. The developers can obviously reshape the idea and make the best version of the feature possible.
  4. At the end of the day a rule break is a rule break, so if they break a rule then you can't blame anyone for getting them banned.
  5. Feature Name: Allowing all players to access admin logs Category (Website/In-Game): Website Detailed description of your suggested feature: This feature is something that I think will help a lot. I think that on the Kingdoms mod, there should be a section on the forum where any player can access all the admin logs without being able to change them. I feel there are many reasons this would be very helpful to implement. Here's some reasons why: -Admins will have a much easier time solving forum complaints, as the players will post the logs themselves along with the report. -Players will always check the logs first to see if their complaint is valid, instead of wasting the admins' time on invalid complaints. -This will further help to get rid of biased admins. I have seen many posts in the past of admins only posting a very small section of the logs, and completely ignoring the more important parts(I'm not sure how much of this is bias and how much is just mistakes). I must stress however that this feature should not be implemented if there is any decent chance of people being able to access the logs and change them in order to benefit themselves(maybe a tiny chance is still worth it though).
  6. True but if the game is as modifiable as Warband then it probably will be possible.
  7. It's possible to make it so that the system is only activated after a certain number of players are on the server.
  8. Most of these features are dank, but I don't like the idea of perks that can be purchased, since rich donators are just gonna keep buying perks non stop and making the experience worse for everyone else.
  9. /Vouch Good Admin, actually knew what he was doing.
  10. *Puts all 10 torches in lannister castle*
  11. Dekkers is just too lazy to implement torches in his maps :P
  12. Feature Name: Legendary Armour Category (Website/In-Game): Ingame Detailed description of your suggested feature: So this idea comes to my mind from plated chargers. There are very few of them on the map, and they can usually be sold for over 1 mil. I think that in Kingdoms, there should be a body armour that's similar to plate, but not exactly. There should be 1 stockpile on each map where it can be sold, for a price of lets say around 800k eg, and lets say the buying price is 1 mil or something like that. However there should be a stockpile limit of 1 on the map, which means that there can only be 1 of that armour on each map, making it unique and special. And 800k is just an example, perhaps you can make it that it will be sold for 2 mil or something, since it will be more rare than plated chargers. I think this is just a little thing that would make the mod more interesting.
  13. Just buy a saddle horse.
  14. Feature Name: Larger variety of Horses/Carts Category (Website/In-Game): In game Detailed description of your suggested feature: So I'm just throwing this out there, I think there should be a lot more horses on the kingdoms mod. Each horse with different attributes, and perhaps some horses that have the ability to carry a passenger, which leads me to the carts part: I think there should be carts that can actually carry more than 1 person, and maybe even carriages(if possible). I also think there should be one massive cart that can carry 100 items. This is not as detailed as usual but this is all I can think of as I am just throwing the general idea of the feature, then the mod devs can play around with it if they choose to implement it into the mod.
  15. You make a good point and I agree with you completely. However I believe that with many adjustments to the version of the feature that I suggested, the mod could perhaps be atleast considered or implemented for trial.