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  1. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: It_Doesnt_Matter The person(s) you are reporting: CI_Leva_Zilento The time and date of the incident: 19:50 - 27/09/2018 What you are reporting them for: Impersonating The full story: Basically this guy is called Alex, he's already used my name without my consent some time ago, I told him it would be the last, and he did it again. Today I joined CI's TS and one of my members told me there was a guy with my name in the server, My member reported him for using CI tags without being in the clan, its the latest report. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: Logs. Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: No
  2. Hello im a leadership of CI, I can say he isn't from CI clan, and also im about to report him for impersonating.
  3. Hi, I think my name's been repeated alot in this post, first of all, I play PK like once a month, I didn't give any consent to this person to use my name, so that's a lie. Second of all, I wouldn't insult Retamar's mother, we are indifferent to each other. Im not in CI's clan. After that being said I greet you all good day.