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  1. What your trying to say?
  2. And what you mean by that? :-P
  3. Depends on the insult / situation, but I respect your point of view.
  4. I just wanne say thanks to the persons who vouch for me, only those guys saw me really in game how I act and do. My intension is not to bump this thread but to thank the people for supporting me.
  5. I will only enforce the current server rules, I just try to make diffrent global chat with less raging and more fun. Atleast the trying part is good enough in my eye's, I can't change persons minds/goals and I do not wish to do that neither, but I can persuade for a better attitude.
  6. I know I am stubborn on some things, I know myself, still I do think I wanne take a shot in the big wild west.
  7. This is one of the examples I mean. Dos it harm someone? I think not but .... seriously seeing a lot of guys with that name tag, think as if you are a new player on the mod/server and you see all that, what would your reaction be? Ah well I hope I get a chance to prove myself worthy. Have a good night.
  8. As like 80% of the players are bellow 18 years I feel diffrent.
  9. I do not wanne turn PW in something else, its not the mod but the players. Their attitude, the racial language, the immature use of swears. Or it is just me who noticed all things happening in game.
  10. I am no clan leader? If its a joke I dont get it, sorry.
  11. What makes me? Well my job is to work with real authistic people. I need to learn people that are from 18 to 65 years old how to eat, wash, pay taxes, writing and all the other things you need to do with people with disabilities. So I think it drives me to make a chance :p I think normal people are easy'r to learn things then authistic people, right?
  12. Ah ok thanks.
  13. What you mean by that?
  14. Instead of swearing in global chat, go to the person and do it local? I dont know man I just wanne help the community ... If your mom or dad would play this game, would they say: Hey man nice game OR they say: Why do everyone insults everyone and kills everyone? If you see it on internet its as a screen, if you see it happen in real life, its for real. My click was made then to try atleast make a change, like obama said :P.
  15. Well, yesterday I saw ''Nigger'' at some point too much on my screen and it doesn't bother any admin to response? What kind of culture/community allows that? Atleast some people read this message and think before they go rage on global chat. You make it sound like I wanne be a dictator and no thats not, you just can't see my message right, my point is just protective. But hey no hard feelings from me that you devouch. But did I ever said something about banning people over what they say? I just wanne decrease the cursing in the server, is that wrong of me? Its a moral statement. I think everyone agree's me that there is a limit on how far you go in language, if you dont agree me then I believe your intentions are not good.