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  1. I'll say I need a heal and then rdm you.
  2. want to play with my key instead?
  3. we demand reparation of 1,000,000 gold due to actions by few individuals Send to Skan.
  4. you cant even block
  5. removing that is going to make battles even worse than they are right now with the constant 2v1 shit
  6. your head hurts because your nose doesn't stop growing
  7. No need for a vid I did just kill him and some others. Would not have thought you'd make such a big deal out of it.
  8. I was fighting with Bran and accidentally hit you. I should report you for clog then as well as you admitted to it above.
  9. why you disrespect noobslayers
  10. I was rdmed by you firstly, then constantly attacked by you lot as well when I came out the village again. Lastly as far as I know youre allowed to reenter a skirm. Now that more and more swann members came to help us it was only a matter of time that you die. You should have dipped ages ago but instead you kept fighting. Dont blame it on me that youve lost your gear.
  11. ok sucks
  12. do you really think id have played with those broken textures for the past years? smh
  13. I have both u tit
  14. Bug description (in detail): Well, textures are still bugged.