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  1. you suck
  2. You should also consider that the insults came from both sides, Flans and Lannisters.
  3. they can play with us noobslayers xx
  4. To be honest, if you keep him perm banned, at least give him a reason. Last time, he had made a post, he got unbanned and a few hours later instantly banned again without even being told why. If I remember correctly, he is banned for swearing on global chat but to be real who doesn't. All he did was simple insults nothing lactose intolerant, homophobic or personalized. I bet he told a Lannister to fuck off haha
  5. Hello, I am Skan. Nice to meet you.
  6. Either way, you broke a rule. Could argue you gained time with the demand in order to kill him.
  7. you're only trying to make yourself look like a loser and succeed with that as well, loser
  8. and also for unreasonable demanding. Same think you did in this situation.
  9. hold on, I got banned for demanding a jeru to bow? You were also the one pushing for a longer ban, chapman. Yet, you're doing the exact same thing. Hypocrite. @Benji report them for unreasonable demands, mate.
  10. loser
  11. just cuz u marginally overweight doenst make u clan tf u banning the word f. a t. loser place
  12. cannot believe i have to write a fucking paragraph to defend myself from those childish ban mongering attempts. grow up
  13. first of all, in the video the guy who said leave does not even look at the jeru kid. secondly, how could i possibly know hes been told to leave when he has not been addressed personally or at least with his faction name. thirdly, i have no affiliations with the other dude. i dont even know him and he was no part of the halt. the jeru kid should have listened to me who had originally halted him not some random who happens to past by. fourthly, i find it funny that youre telling my mate to shut up but let chapman post freely and push for a longer ban. hypocrisy at its finest. last but not least, my perm ban was for hiding perm banned players and had nothing to do with my in game behaviour, I find it pathetic from you, chapman, that you feel the need to push for a longer ban. Disgusting.
  14. don't think you're name is individual who is good with money is it?
  15. whyd anyone join this crap lol