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  1. Why have you got this opinion of me may I ask good Sir? :)
  2. Don't really mind tbh so yeah could do that too
  3. Don't worry, we will bring Rome into another Golden Age instead of this shit age we're in
  4. Can I kindly ask how I am a massive twat? I don't seem to know you since you've only got that one post so have I seen you ingame?
  5. Me and my family are going prison? Well see in there then cos u my bro real talk
  6. can you please take your toxicity else where ty why u snaking me tho we're meant to be a pack guess I don't fit into ur gay little avatar u earth bender weirdo
  7. Your in-game name: ANGERY_ORC mostly Age: Around 120 years which is like 18 human years Are you currently a member of a clan?: Bit personal don't u think, but yeah What position are you applying for?: GA, I am willing to be Forum Staff too. Have you ever been banned from from the server? If so, why?: Most recently, banned until appeal for "RDM" as I considered "Drop it here" a demand but apparently it's not which is clearly my mistake. Also I was banned until appeal for banevading on the forums, banned until appeal for mass random (But we were in the same clan the guy thought it'd be funny to report even though we were messing around), banned until appeal for killing a whole clan (1 kill wasn't legit tho because it was an accident check my YouTube channel if you want to see really cool) banned 2 days for 'kill hunting' new players (I was actually teaching them what not to do etc) banned 2 days for RDM on ggikec for Queen and country, banned 2 days for griefing which was a while ago, and might of forgot some. All in all not really I'd like to say that the template is wrong btw "...been banned from from the server" says from twice m8 fix that or I will in a bit Why do you think you should be an admin and would be suitable for such a position? (100-300 words): As some people may have seen before the thread was removed, I had spoke about how I had an ice cream cone that broke on the bottom, but I sorted it out (Clearly showing that I can fix my mistakes if I were to make any) The admins will probably not read much of what I am to say, so I'll say it now. In college, I do Law, clearly showing an interest of mine to obey the rules and can I do know the rules of this server. I know my ban list is long, however this is just because of missing evidence on my side usually, and when I used to play I was reported very frequently as many will know. I also know that people may deem me as cancer or toxic, and that may be the case and I'm not just going to say "I'm reformed I don't want a ban!" but it's just got boring tbh there isn't much to it. Ontop of Law, I do Financial Studies - which has the possibility to help with the server upkeep, but mostly it can be easy to assess situations and how much of a refund someone would be requiring and I wouldn't take long in such cases. My main one I would say, is Environmental Sustainability. Admining ingame I'd ask people to not litter all of their unwanted items all over the floor, as they would then stay there and lag the server potentially, and with smithing I'd ask factions to keep an eye on the emissions they are giving out as they can cause all kinds of stuff. Other than those subjects, there have been a lot of disputes about recent administration movements and changes, and I would like to restore the people's faith in the admin team, as we don't work FOR the community, we work WITH them. Finally, a large amount of people have requested me to apply for admin in our recent struggles and as I'd like to see this great community once again strive I'd like to offer my helping hand. Pretty much everyone in this community thinks positive things about me, apart from some weird no name polak who upvotes everything against me (You know who you are, come 1v1) The last reason I think I would be a good admin is because most admins don't particularly like me, probably anyway, I'd assume seeing my name on reports repeatedly gets tiring. But this means I wouldn't hesitate to question another admins choices End of the day, I am here to restore the faith back into the admin team as I've said, and also to rid it of any corrupt admins, you might or might not know, I took down @Onward who was probably the worst admin out there. You're welcome. Link to your steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198056028334 If I am accepted do I get unbanned btw?
  8. I’ve actually planned on making my application on Saturday or Sunday soooo I’m in the process of making it
  9. You’re just devouching because you’re in that 99% and you’re mad you applied for admin and got shutdown instantly
  10. You've had your chance. It's my time to shine
  11. You're right, if Foxy is accepted then not only will I apply, we would both get HA in around 4 months
  12. Isn't like half of Godwins admins now? Think u need to chill pal
  13. *AHEM* /vouch because if I don't put it my post will be removed by big man techno
  14. After using my magic 8ball, I asked it how long you took to loot, it was around 20 seconds, meaning the first kill was valid. The second kill, you had logged out when dead and logged back in so you were blackbarred, and as I rode out of Richfield you were accidentally killed with my horse Which resulted in you insulting then dying, which is all three of your deaths, also all by my doing (Although one was accidental) As well as, no one actually 'made fun of you' in game, LorThemar hit you, and you asked for an apology, he then apologised that was it (btwbtw) https://gyazo.com/4443f697b10d2dcbc8139f7363476925 Unfortunately, because he logged out and then ran into my horse as I was heading to talk to him he was already entering Richfield and it resulted in his death. May the Lord have mercy on his soul, Amen.
  15. That guy has a Mystic Box from Ball 3D: football Online - I might have to risk the scam