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  1. HouseStark on Minecraft factions is recruiting! Pm me for info
  2. I have 9 million please make sure all of it is transferred
  3. White Company is victorious once again
  4. their fault for being trash lol Should get a warning for new players at the spawn saying "If you are new, you need to read the rules or you'll probably die repeatedly"
  5. We are, by halting them and killing them... They will start to think "What the fuck is going on" surely?
  6. From the words of a great man "I [we] are introducing them to the game" -- GunZo If they don't know how to show pouch, it shows that they haven't read the rules, if they haven't read the rules why is it our fault if they say "How" when you say show pouch? It's basically an initiation into the game, to be let in you must show pouch and have read the rules, otherwise you will get killed, come back and NRR the person who just "RDMED" you
  7. That's not a question, so this isn't an answer
  8. do u script on league

    1. Qahnaarin


      pretty sure he does the dirty cunt

    2. Saptor


      what is league

    3. Saptor


      @Qahnaarin shut up and keep eating your haggis u muslim scottish cunt

  9. If we're thinking about the roleplay side of it, these are 'Civilian classes' as said in the name of the thread, so why would a Civilian do a military thing and capture a castle?
  10. Lol ur shit
  11. Nah because if I put the walls further away from the door then they won’t clip inside because I’ve worked out how far the doors rotate, and made the walls adapt to that and get them further away! All about placement right? Idk about map making so I might be wrong
  12. You place how close he walls are to the doors tho right? no mercs gold for u (1 week ban)
  13. pls stop getting this thread out of hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Saying that forces a response Checho! I don't see why it matters what is on this post, the second post (Not snitching) isn't exactly a relevant post -- Whoever made that post, I don't know who, clearly should be getting hate too :((( Hope you get a promotion for going so far in that ass btw... must've been hard for you