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  1. Your out here commenting on my post saying i was banned twice for autoblock open your eyes and read the dates you pagan.
  2. I haven't been unbanned since being banned in February are you feeling ok? i was only banned once for autoblock and have been banned since that day you lot need to shape up and get off this post.
  3. Your in-game name when you were banned: It's been a while so i am unsure try IamNoob Your GUID (not required): Not sure Why you think you were banned: Autoblock maybe from what i remember Why you should be unbanned: Was banned on PW a very very long time ago and just here wanting to try out Persistent kingdoms never played it and it looks interesting, i cant say if i autoblocked or not because it's been so long since i played M&B. Any other information that might be useful: Nope