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  1. Thank you Scorpia. That's truly inspiring
  2. Could you elaborate on your reasons?
  3. That's actually © The Homeless Diet. Take Long hot walks in the sun, Eat basically nothing, and sleep in a hot ass van. BAM, 1 Month and you'll be the man. 3 payments of 29.99 and ill send you a surivival kit
  4. Ouch lol. Haters gonna hate.
  5. I appreciate that, my thoughts exactly
  6. He's Lying, He looks into my eyes when we make love. ALL LIES.
  7. Let me run down a little history on why i WAS forced to stop playing... I became homeless and went through a extremely rough time where the computer was the least of my priorities. It took me a long time to get back on my feet. Yes at the end my interest in pw waned but only because i was burnt out and the community was small at the time. I was on at 7 this morning Eastern Time Zone, 30 People and climbing, Not a admin in sight, my time will be from then and onward.
  8. Seems kind of attacky, but i'l play ball. I'll start by saying "cried" should be used as a saying and not literally crying. As for copying Zubu profile, yes I did, I always read through the admin applications that come before me, those rejected and accepted. Just like a job application, you would research before you put your resume in and tailor it to fit. So an honest mistake happened where i deleted the last part of his URL and put my id, and it still linked to the profile. Whoops, Fixed now my friend.
  9. Fixed, Thank you. If i were a new player to the pw community or administrating pw, i would never make an admin application but my resume is top notch and my experience should speak for itself. I generally pop on for a few hours during peak time which is why my presence as a admin would be so fit. I understand the supply of good admins outweighs the demand and because i've literally been around 7 years and at times, loved, cried and stressed over the community as a whole, my passion runs deeper than just a silly server. Servers come and go. Pw is forever. The people are what make it work.
  10. Everyone makes mistakes, Im sure i did. but specifically i cant remember, Im sure whatever it was i handled it professionally. Again, a specific incident i dont remember, but im highly confident every admin in pw gets a complaint once in a while, you really cant please everyone in PW or life for that matter. I'm pretty sure recongize my profile becuase youve indeed seen me around. As for applying to another pw server, No, not in years at least. If you talking about back in the day, Your mistaken. If recently, Then i understand, Ive only started to come back into pw and between a full time job and obligations i was, as of now and the following few months i will be unemployed and able for full time duty, as explained to old pilgrim.
  11. Your in-game name: Female_Pilgrim Age: 28 Are you currently a member of a clan? Negative What position are you applying for? Ingame Admin/Teamspeak Admin Have you ever been banned from from the server? If so, why? No I haven't Why do you think you should be an admin and would be suitable for such a position? (100-300 words) Where to start...I've administrated on several very popular PW servers including RCC (in it's prime), Oasis, Nexus, Hardcore_Rp, and RCC and Nexus (it's second coming) .... in that order or something.... My philosophy of administrating i feel is best imho. I take a great deal of pride in my patience and my approach of putting teaching above punishment for the sake of the community as a whole. There are times to be stern, but always fair, always correct, and at the end of the day, the players are our customers. It's in best interest of the community to make a safe, fun and engaging environment for everyone to play on, ......Alot of my hours are PW Administrating.......like half.....or more..... Link to your steam profile:http://steamcommunity.com/id/cweapon Referred By: Old Pilgrim If anything i said you don't like,. hopefully this dead sexy picture of myself changes your mind.