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  1. It was good but i have to go and attempt to have a life... 1 month later Persistent World - We are back cringe
  2. Can you post pictures of the masterpiece if any updates have been added that is
  3. A Hard decision i thought you would make, Alpha_
  4. Just want to change my name to Alpha_ or Alphamale In the rush of making my account i did #2 and i fucking hate it, saw someones else ask for this so thought why not
  5. Has this been fixed?
  6. Quiet fancy vala, vouch
  7. The bridges into the castle look great & i think they should remain. Just like some said maybe good ladder points or a side door. Lovely looking map Mike, Good job x
  8. Master is a wise owl, his word is good enough
  9. Oh yes the Laigans aahaha, Ty for not adding Conningtons this was one of the first Connington maps, around the time we had the fake bird queen ahah. Ergellons too god these where the better days
  10. this tunnel was so fun for tunnel wars, the nordic castle aswell was so sexy love this
  11. Here is the link to the taleworld board - Loved this map and was wondering can it be added to the rotation. Not sure how adding maps works but want to map back!!
  12. looks really nice man, thanks for dedicating your own time for a map for all of us to play on xx
  13. Fuck it, Why would you not want fresh edits & hopefully when tested it looks good and isnt buggy it can be put up, keeping things fresh. He now knows to ask next time