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  1. that means everyone who's applied for admin should have gotten it because they were 'worth a chance'
  2. as proton mentioned no
  3. I hear you are also the most active 100% attendance
  4. 17 u nonce go back to scrounging benefits lol
  5. Never said I could though Ez -Barris
  6. i thought the thread was self reflection not who's the biggest arselick competition
  7. Probably cuz he cant speak English properly
  8. Stop being a can of prawn cocktail pringles then
  9. got him there wew -posting for barris
  10. it'll get all is arselicks to follow the rules atleast
  11. and the arrow holders and knights classes!
  12. tbh it's even worse than autoblock it's a link to the emoji movie
  13. Guys it's actually a nice clan with nice people, i only can recommend joining.