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  1. I like my million no ty I could serf or I could left someone else then take their cart
  2. Till the market collapses
  3. Are you meaning the whiterun 3 factions in one thing??? that was too many small clans in one
  4. Make it useful criticism (constructive) say why it’s shit instead of a useless opinion
  5. http://steamcommunity.com/id/RythosIV/
  6. you didn't have time to defend yourself? what about the 24hours+ u had before he posted the logs???
  7. Admins are meant to give 24 hrs u had more than that to provide evidence so stop whining about the time u had
  8. Time between him solving it and it being posted is more than a day but ye know no time to defend
  9. stop bullying our levies
  10. Soon=\= have now cba continuing this just now
  11. Ye know the thing About shittalking behind someone’s back is the they don’t know (tbf I don’t even remember this shit sry for not noting every convo I have) you clans probs gonna disband soon anyway so tbh that mean you’ll be gone so bye *unless bawo gets unbanned
  12. I didn’t join jerus sharp got kicked from greyjoys anyway remember when you said I ss shittslking Lorraine’s remember that??? perma-levy < because that’s not taking the piss pretty sure the more relevant greyjoys even said they hated alan and Mario wonder what could have caused that you really are brain dead if you can’t understand the difference between banter and insulting from what I was told Alan was constantly taking the piss out of greyjoys, so ye know no insulting here
  13. >constantly insulted greyjoys >confused why they left >ignoring a certain LOYAL GREYJOY king trying to rank whore >calls them disloyal even though they caused greyjoys to leave edit: you also thought I used a voice changer lol
  14. you have to log on first though
  15. Still lied in the complaint