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  1. Your GUID and name: KingsGuard_Tarkin_Swann Reason for refund: Spawned under water Date & Time: 22.01.19, aprox 2pm Did you take a server crash refund (if applicable): Link to the complaint (if applicable): Screenshot: Estimated amount: 110-120k
  2. Only a few players come to my mind which would be even less suited for an admin position, if this get's accepted I am applying tomorrow my dudes
  3. Well surely by applying common sense you can not hold someone responsible for the rules changing 5 minutes prior to the encounter, also I very much doubt that Akrael just read the new rulechange and hence didn't dismount. Surely this could be refunded by the staff seeing as it's really hard to hold someone accountable for such a thing.
  4. Demanding someone to dismount is valid though, why do you think you're the victim
  5. Pretty sure I have a video regarding it, I wont be home until next friday though. Let's just not report me seeing as I didn't report you and that Dorston lad for the NRR breaks and RDm since it was kinda funny, spare me to upload something with 1Mb/s
  6. How is us killing you two a raid and justifies you breaking NRR
  7. You want 150k for an "attempt" of a rulebreak? Next time someone aims at me do I get a refund for attempted rdm?
  8. I didn't have the money at that time so Mario gave it to you and you picked it up. I belive he killed you for demanding but surely he can answer that, I gave you the refund
  9. That gate has holes you can hit through regardless lol
  10. Are you daft, how will the logs show where it happened and in what context. It's your responsibility to fill out the complaint properly, "he rmd me" isn't that..
  11. Then it was another situation, could you expand on the story? This doesn't tell me anything lol
  12. Mario hat a diffrent kill reason for killing you which I am sure he'll elaborate, from me you accepted the refund and I didn't take part in killing you.
  13. What is this, some new kind of banmongering? You asked for a 6k refund ingame, were given it and then complain about it? You lost nothing and died to a misclick and received a refund, get over it jeezes. EDit: I think I mixed up the situation would you mind elaborating the story a bit and telling me where it happened and what happened before
  14. Your in-game name when you were banned: KingsGuard_Tarkin_Swann Your GUID (not required): 14966 Why you think you were banned: Spawnkilling a guy who was massrandoming Why you should be unbanned: Well the guy who complained got permbanned for the same stuff and insulting Henricus, feel like it's inappropiate for someone who has been excluded from this community to get someone banned. Yes you shouldn't put justice into your own hands but I just saw the easiest way to sort the issue without me giving the staff more work. I've learned that valuabe lesson now and will refrain from being a vigilante in the future. I am a nontoxic core member of this community who does his best to abide by the rules and has always tried to help Phoenix to flourish by supporting small clans and public players!!! It'd be a shame to exclude such a player just for spawnkilling some massrandoming glue sniffer who can't form a single sentence in english. Why should that guy be able to exclude anyone from this community Any other information that might be useful: