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  1. The villages are deff a concept I would stand behind. Not too sure about the ladders, although it would add more variety to a siege which is good. Especially your last point about rewarding the people going on the offensive seems like a good idea. You should make it so the harder the siege is for the people going on the offensive, the better the reward is. This way people would go for hard sieges as well again, not just gangbangs.
  2. DirectX 12
  3. "This refers specifically to players on the server at any one time, not the total number of people affiliated with the clan." Stop being retarded Bohl ._.
  4. 30 vs 20-25 ppl were the best wars. The outcome was not predictable as it is now. Both sides could win and both sides would usually enjoy the war cuz they both had a chance at winning it.
  5. I guess it will depend on the standards that Jackjony has in mind, but we all know that Maximou is not an active PW player.
  6. Evilmay has become corrupt by PW politics! Nah but you're now talking about it being unbalanced for the sake of your clan, which is understandable. A courser can 1 hit a plated charger if the couch lands on the head, I'm fairly certain of this. And I don't think the bumps actually damage people while they're in tincan, but you could always test it. "People don't know how to kill them" This argument is very flawed... The same way you kill a charger applies to a plated charger, except it takes you 2 seconds longer to kill it. What I'm trying to say is that you're a bit exaggerating on it being overpowerd. Keep in mind that they're not unbalanced at all. Every faction would be able to buy them and use them. It would only be unbalanced if only donators could buy them, which will never be the case. Just make them 200-300k and have like a 3 day limit on them on the shop. In the beginning alot of people will buy them, but in time people will have lost their money and either stop buying them or put in more effort to get money again to get new plated chargers. If anything it makes people wanna play more again.
  7. I've spend alot of money on a plated charger in the past and I wouldn't call it unfair to add them to the shop now. Even IF I were to win the tournament with haxxxio and we'd gain a plated charger, I'd still want it to be added to the shop. Can't this be discussed with the community instead of just a few admins that believe plated chargers to be special or unbalanced? I really think alot of people want to see the plated charger in the shop (for a high price ofcourse). It's things like this that will encourage people to play more again.
  8. He used to be a decent admin on Nexus, so he should be given a chance here as well. That he is new to this community is quite irrelevant, he'll learn the new rules in no time anyways since he has alot of PW experience to begin with. Also Tommy mentions alot stuff about whether or not he's trustworthy, but if multiple people recognise this man from nexus and have only positive things to say about him they clearly trust him, no?
  9. These are the kind of people that vouch for zaira, another reason to not accept zaira as an admin!
  10. Zaira is making him say this, he can obviously not be trusted as an admin.
  11. Lies on teamspeak, is Japanese, is mean to us on teamspeak, is a faggot, reasonss /DEVOUCH
  12. Seemed like a mature and capable person to me. Would deff make a good addition to the admin team. /Vouch
  13. From what I've seen he doesn't seem to hold grudges at people, he seems mature and he's just a nice guy in general. In game he's also very communicative so I'm not sure what Hermes is on about. /vouch
  14. VOUCH Excellent and competent has been brilliant and has shown his worth many times beforehand!