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  1. I never once stated that I don't want you to make a clan? I'm fairly certain I've told you this before, but you shouldn't make any baseless/wrong assumptions. I could go into depth as to why you're wrong, but this is an admin application, so I shouldn't. But again, if you don't have the brains to argue with someone, don't bother. Your reponses alone already make you unqualified to be an admin. Admins need to have common sense and they need to be able to back up their own opinion about certain matters.
  2. /Devouch As far as I am aware you are intending to make a cav clan with people (people from your own group/clan) saying the whole purpose of making the cav clan is to backstab in wars, be cancer and to harass France. If your members are saying this, surely it's your ideology in the first place. Many "toxic" admins got accepted in the past, but if you make a clan just to be what I've stated above, then you should not be accepted. Besides, it would make you a clanleader, pub clan or not, so that should already be an insta denial.
  3. If I halt someone at a bank and he then still proceeds to bank his money 1 second after, I would kill him for it. It kinda describes the same situation you've got going here. Also, your petty remarks on Srensen his spelling are a bit hypocrital. Out of the 2 sentences you made in your full story, you already made a spelling mistake yourself. If anything you're the one embarrassing yourself by instantly calling someone out on his spelling mistakes even though you make spelling mistakes yourself x)
  4. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: KingsHand_Maxxxio_Swann The person(s) you are reporting: Baron_Fred_Targaryen The time and date of the incident: 11:01 - 20/11/2018 What you are reporting them for: NRR (No Revenge Rule) The full story: Broke NRR, came back after I killed him. Was not a skirm. Lost a full cart of iron in the proces. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: No
  5. Everything we did was "legal" according to the current ruleset. If Henricus thinks we should of waited, then he needs to update his ruleset. Whether you were going to our castle or not is irrelevant, seeing as we cleared every condition to be able to logout. Btw, I was "hjoilk" and I told royal and gilbert to log, so u can just put the complaint on me. And if this is deemed valid for whatever reason, just ban me untill appeal and I'll just quit.
  6. You're not allowed to mass log off during a war, we did not have a war anymore. You're not allowed to log off right after a hostile situation, we had none, we had already died at your gates.
  7. Luxtor can't talk on the forums so I'll be his mediator. Luxtor: i was in red faction and we had war with stonewells, u had same colour banner so i started attacking u, after i saw that u are in other blue faction i stopped attacking and i said sorry, then u started to giving me so many reason to kill u by saying "refund me" whitch is a killreason. finally after u run behind me for half map i killed You with killreason.
  8. I kicked you out, told you to leave. U then walk towards the stables instead of the gates and you buy a courser. That's not leaving, so I killed you.
  9. Alright, can u look at an hour earlier either way? (confused about the times now). Right so as I was selling the gold at the church when he broke NRR on me. Ur showing logs of the time when he came back to our castle, after the gold was already sold. I could also come on ts if that makes it easier for you?
  10. You're looking at 10:24, not at 9:24.
  11. The refund is irrelevant. He combat logged, then came back into the server, termito attacked him under his pub tags and I then finished him off.
  12. I find your lack of intelligence inappropriate.
  13. Yes, I was elaborating the situation at hand in the full story, as I am meant to be. I already reported you for this instance, hence why your name is not under the "Person(s) who you are reporting" tab. I fail to see why you're trying to hard to make a proper comeback here. You're clearly retarded and incapable of doing so.
  14. I know you're like 13 and underdevelopped, but try to understand the context behind the story. Yes we sold gold bars, but the amount we sold doesn't equal the amount we made. The reason for this is because, as I've stated above, 3 gold bars went inside the wall when you randomed Indian. In other words, you caused us to lose 210k. Also you can't really pull the card that you were fighting both of us, because Indian was litterally carrying 4 gold bars and he was selling them at the point... It is physically impossible for Indian to fight you in that state. Also he has a video up which prooves he didn't fight you in the first place… Just don't reply if all you're gonna do is write jibberish nonsense.
  15. The person(s) you are reporting: Ferall_Wanderii I know ur not the brightest Sak, but c'mon man.