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  1. yeah the bannerpoint is absolute fucking cancer that needs to change more than anything just make the bannerpoint a bit wider so its not a 1 man thick chokepoint when u open the door
  3. tbf ur recruitment trailer is fucking sick
  4. Visual representation of the ifuckpillows attempted conquest of nordheim
  5. Wow a ninja cap how impressive when u tried to siege normally u fatties got smacked back to vorrne like u got smacked back to Berlin
  6. Yeah like literally two levies that's as many world wars we beat Germans in
  7. I mean on this thread joshu4 tagged us in it now all i see is ifuckchildrens begging for it to stop "becuz its toxic" nibba stfu u got no sympathy from me if josh wants to be a person with shit on his stick he can be cyberbullied for it so can wizard for praying every night he will wake up with a vagina
  8. I wish I could tag a bunch of NSE leadership into our shitty clans thread and then cry like a bitch when we get on and roast tf out of you for being eternally celibate
  9. ur clan
  10. House imapermavirginwhodoesntevenleavehispctopisscosihaveabottleforthat
  11. ah ok fair
  12. retitle it = should we make maces pointless
  13. saxons and the normans
  14. holy fuck that looks amazing dekkers
  15. its what we've nicknamed vorrne since starks ages ago