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  1. Lag

    leaked footage from when server is too laggy to loot the moneybags from the spawn
  2. Lag

    i can only see one solution to this lag and i will list it below @Glopaxi consider urself respected
  3. please make Constantinople actually the main hub on the map like praven on the old maps rather than just another castle where no one can enter
  4. are you confused? are you referencing starks? we literally siege more than any other clan atm
  5. Yeah I agree it's ironic you making it being in the SS which are the whiniest banmongers on the server, you guys spent 2 days last map sitting in to shop and reporting people every single time you died (and yes, actual ban baiting not just "its invalid it's bannongering"
  6. i love the roofs i just wish they could be used defensively without getting ur men killed
  7. +1 yeah the castle is poorly designed which is why no one else will take it castle needs a complete remake if anything not a nerf or a change of spawn because the spawn is the only thing that basically makes the castle not 100% useless
  8. oh no not the fact that the castle has 1 good aspect about it compared to every other castle that has several!!!
  9. jelkala spawn is easy to take if you don't have over 70 iq mad mans edit of the castle weakened the only defendable points, to nerf it any further would be a waste of fucking time as that'd leave only 2 not shite castles (jelkala is still shite and no one else will take it) castles on the map literally the spawn of jelk is the only thing that makes it semi defendable everything else in the castle seems to aid the attackers
  10. i still feel like no ones taking into account how rediculously broken commanding in spec is, in 30 seconds u can do a ton of damage in a siege
  11. well as i know it's fucking nailbiting when ur commanding and all u can see is a fucking cliff face and the killfeed after u die but i do like this new spec thing as it means there is legit reasons to target commanders now i do like this spec thing
  12. if we lost for a similar reason (it wasn't why you lost, you lost because you did badly and it was your own fault) but lets say we (NSE etc) tried sieging you and you changed the banner near the end and we accused that of being why we lost and took it to the website we'd be rightfully roasted off the website by everyone and not taken seriously
  13. i already did saying that it's been in the game for ages and it's only being brought up now after years of PW it's clearly not enough of a problem and just looks like witchhunting lmao, no matter how much you try and claim jelkala is an insane castle but no one is wanting to take it xddxdxddxdd