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  1. here for the nation https://www.nationstates.net/nation=pw_phoenix
  2. yea he was new
  3. cant remember if i posted already but he was in starks before and is a very mature and educated person, i dont see why to not make him admin
  4. ho chi mihn was a great and TOLERANT leader
  5. florance ur a nice guy after speaking to you and i can see why you'd want it to stop after it happens so much, but snab was just making a joke + u insulted him before
  6. post some pls
  7. post ur old screenshots from the glory days of pw, ill go first from when i was a levy in house reyne heres when i didn't know the rules and did about 150 randoms in richfield the 5 mins i was in lannisters before tav kicked me for trolling stark - lannister pact to kill the conningtons - im a stark levy knight in egoria tyrell mass grave after being destroyed by starks stark space programme
  8. besides every woman ever when they see you are a disgusting cringy weeb
  9. this is the worst fucking idea i've seen on this forum
  11. *king of every pw clan*