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  1. what no they had spaceships while whites wuz in caves and microwave dinners, shieet
  2. this picture of africa before the white devils ruined it
  3. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Ragnosos/screenshot/170412655655528748 this guy getting kicked from his NaS reg and banned from the event for me typing that
  4. also this interview with phoenix's competitor calradia rp
  5. kingdom of lorraine trailer
  6. outside would make it much more fun, u'd need carts
  8. @Spudgun alright mister I'll see u at commoner spawn
  9. where does poorly edited videos of a server being destroyed not once but twice go?
  10. pls donate to anne franke tyty
  11. u can see u aiming in the screenshot at stalin u fool, give up and stop crying
  12. that got deleted off facebook
  13. here are some starter packs i made in an attempt to redpill people during the great meme war of 2016, this is history now