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  1. now ur just making shit up go back to providing grease for kfc u utter f-aggot
  2. the pleb wars war you take ur castle off u and then we're king enough to get it back for u maybe we shouldn't lmao if ur gonna sit there talking shit also ur idea is shit
  3. funny af considering we've had to capture ur castle back off the plebs then let u take it back peacefully and in all the wars we been capping + having pleb wars later on in the day
  4. literally 3 players out of every 250 are gonna actually check tho lets be honest its like giving a tutorial but the option to skip is the default
  5. what nice comments from u sir
  6. helping new players learn = weaklings???
  7. well i have already told my guys not to halt new players or pubs that haven't been unkind towards us in regards to community toxicity if @Tywin or any other clan leader cares to resolve anything he can speak to me about it
  8. yeah the bannerpoint is absolute fucking cancer that needs to change more than anything just make the bannerpoint a bit wider so its not a 1 man thick chokepoint when u open the door
  10. ah ok fair
  11. retitle it = should we make maces pointless
  12. saxons and the normans
  13. holy fuck that looks amazing dekkers
  14. its what we've nicknamed vorrne since starks ages ago