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  1. he clearly made a mistake and is sorry idk why you have to be banmongering so hard, the faction was completely made up of levies and one archer...
  2. i updated this to add a playlist
  3. just join the dark side and become an rdmer
  4. i can't even imagine that as im the best fighter remember the rly cool duel we had that one time ?
  5. that's because like 90% of PW videos you might as well just play the game instead of watching
  6. and not even a thank u
  7. /VOUCH he was only banned because his brother fell into a man
  8. why in hell did you think anyone would enjoy watching sped up footage?
  9. u got banned remember
  10. /vouch the words of house stormhorse are freedom from hope
  11. admins pls dont delete this
  12. not needed. I killed you because you hit my sergeants shield