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  1. RIP Yaroglekk ;D
  2. Okay i will give u 40k then
  3. so whats about 30k then ?
  4. yes i saw it lel soz but my mates said help
  5. 40k? what about 25k
  6. lil was still alive bro
  7. It was a fking Skirmish
  8. Do someone have the Knight Templar textures or know who makes them :p
  9. Do some one have the old Jerusalem textures ? with the jeru horses usw plz !<3
  10. Hey Bride,what is now are my unbann apply Diened?

  11. Your in-game name when you were banned:Imao Your GUID (not required): 2765350 Why you think you were banned:NRR/RDM i never will do that agian!!!!!! Why you should be unbanned: Il dont will do that again and it is only a question . I like this server and want play with friends there! Any other information that might be useful: Enough Said.