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  1. You need to give 10 seconds as stated in the rules unless you are halting someone. Would you like to refund him?
  2. In this case i will be forcing a refund Stefan. Many people like John would assume you where in range as he himself could also see the halt. It seems like an accident on his side therefore i have transferred 30k from Johns bank to yourself. Solved and Locked.
  3. We cannot tell if you where in range unless you provide a SS of your logs near your death. Therefore i will mark this invalid due to lack of evidence.
  4. 14:19:25 - BearGuard_Zilent_Mormont has been outlawed! 14:19:29 - Vendetta attacked BearGuard_Zilent_Mormont dealing 49 damage 14:19:29 - Vendetta <img=ico_swordtwo> BearGuard_Zilent_Mormont 14:19:50 - Player BearGuard_Zilent_Mormont (GUID: *****) has left the server. 14:19:54 - BearGuard_Zilent_Mormont has joined the game with ID: ***** 14:19:59 - BearGuard_Zilent_Mormont joined the Outlaws. 14:19:59 - BearGuard_Zilent_Mormont joined the House Stark & Mormont. 14:20:03 - BearGuard_Zilent_Mormont droppped INVALID ITEM(ID: 0) on the ground. Clear class glitch, banned for 24 hours.
  5. 01:24:57 - *LOCAL* [Pharis] askey halt 01:24:59 - *LOCAL* [Pharis] show pouch 01:25:05 - Ftm_Askey_Sussex revealed a money pouch containing about 700 coins to Pharis. 01:25:08 - *LOCAL* [Pharis] drop all 01:25:09 - Pharis picked up Wheat Sheaf(ID: 413) from the ground. 01:25:10 - Pharis droppped Wheat Sheaf(ID: 413) on the ground. 01:25:13 - Ftm_Askey_Sussex spawned pouch containing 747 gold. 01:25:14 - Pharis picked up Money Bag(ID: 439) from the ground. 01:25:15 - Pharis used pouch containing 747 gold. 01:25:17 - *LOCAL* [Pharis] show again 01:25:17 - Ftm_Askey_Sussex picked up Wheat Sheaf(ID: 413) from the ground. 01:25:18 - Ftm_Askey_Sussex picked up Wheat Sheaf(ID: 413) from the ground. 01:25:21 - Ftm_Askey_Sussex picked up Wheat Sheaf(ID: 413) from the ground. 01:25:23 - Ftm_Askey_Sussex droppped Wheat Sheaf(ID: 413) on the ground. 01:25:25 - Pharis attacked Ftm_Askey_Sussex dealing 54 damage 01:25:26 - Pharis attacked Ftm_Askey_Sussex dealing 60 damage 01:25:26 - Pharis <img=ico_swordtwo> Ftm_Askey_Sussex If he demands for you to reveal your pouch you show it, however in this case he did you give you sufficient amount of time before attacking you. @Pharis I would suggest refunding him.
  6. Quite clear from the video, you moved after the halt had been stated. Invalid complaint. EDIT - SS shows that the halt was not seen by Stefan, therefore i will give John time to offer a refund.
  7. Banned for 1 week, second combat log on record.
  8. Banned for 1 week. Solved and Locked.
  9. Cannot find anything in the logs. Money transferred, Solved and Locked.
  10. Unbanned make sure you follow the ruleset otherwise next time you will be banned for longer.
  11. Clear NRR and class glitching. He has 24 hours to respond.
  12. 12:42:03 - ArchMaester_Aemon_Lorraine <img=ico_blunt> Levy_Arhaikos_Stark 12:43:04 - *ANIMATION* [Goro_the_outlaw] You there, stop! 12:43:09 - *ANIMATION* [Goro_the_outlaw] You there, stop! 12:43:16 - *ANIMATION* [Goro_the_outlaw] You there, stop! 12:43:24 - *ANIMATION* [Goro_the_outlaw] You there, stop! 12:43:33 - *ANIMATION* [Goro_the_outlaw] You there, stop! 12:43:40 - Goro_the_outlaw attacked Levy_Arhaikos_Stark dealing 66 damage 12:43:40 - Goro_the_outlaw <img=ico_headshot> Levy_Arhaikos_Stark No kill reason identifiable in the logs, Goro has 24 hours. EDIT - Already banned until appeal for mass clog, solved and locked.