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  1. I will not have access to my laptop for a while so please forgive any spelling or grammar mistakes made. In terms of the report I handled, when looking at Crushers history there is no note stating that a SA must deal with future complaints, therefore I had no idea when dealing with the report. I also had no knowledge of this 'deal' between the admin team and Crusher. My decision to force a refund was because in my personal opinion I believe Crusher had no intent to kill Vala. As stated he was naked therefore Crusher gained no items or money from making the kill. In addition to this his story was backed up with evidence from the logs, thus making me believe it was an accident. There are multiple ways of contacting more senior admins for a second opinion, even if Tommy was no available.
  2. Are you sure this occured on the EU server?
  3. The complaint is not simply focused on one simple punch but Romero illegally joining a skirmish, hence the punishment. If Romero can provide me with a legitimate kill reason on said player with evidence if needed, I will gladly apologise.
  4. Hello Aurion, Romero had over 3 days in order to respond to the complaint, most people get 24 hours. Looking at the logs, he asks Wonsz to say help, thus knowing he had no reason to be involved in the skirmish. He proceeded to punch Scorpia, those who play archer know that a naked running up to you will stop you from shooting or being able to fight back. He also never responded to why he proceeded to kill the second person simply stating it was a 'skirmish' but provided no evidence. Lastly, his 3 day ban was because he has been banned for RDM before, it is not his first offence.
  5. Hello Anabel, I first banned you until appeal due to you having 3 bans within 2 weeks of each other. As a result I decided a two week ban in the hope you will learn to follow the rules in the future. After your ban appeal I found out you have been ban evading, which you even admitted to later on. A bank wipe and a month ban may seem harsh, but other players have been permanently banned for the same offence.
  6. Locked on request.
  7. Your in-game name: Levy_James_Lorraine. Most commonly known as LordCom_Raymont_Lannister. Age: 20 Are you currently a member of a clan? I have just joined the Kingdom of Lorraine. What position are you applying for? Forum Complaint Staff. Have you ever been banned from from the server? I have no bans or warnings on record. Why do you think you should be an admin and would be suitable for such a position? (100-300 words): Firstly I believe I have the characteristics needed in order to fulfil this role. I believe myself to be a mature individual who has had experience in this type of position. In addition I have shown I can handle responsibility, through my previous administrative and leadership roles in many different communities. Lastly I am led to believe I am a just individual, allowing me to hand out suitable punishment to rule breakers. I have played PW for many years, first starting back in 2012. I have had very few incidents in the last 4-5 years, generally ignoring the toxic behaviour of individuals within the PW community. In terms of my time on Phoenix I have had no warnings/bans, showing that I have a deep understanding of the rule set, which is essential in enforcing the rules. Overall I believe I am suitable for this role, and welcome any constructive criticism you may have. Link to your steam profile: Steam profile.
  8. I have known Tardet for a few years, cannot think of anyone better. Vouch.
  9. Apart from a few basic resource needs, the map could be very interesting.
  10. I do not normally post on staff applications but this has not been mentioned - http://imperialeu.boards.net/thread/146/admin-application-freestyle /devouch