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  1. ok get your king to add me on steam then FrostyBanter
  2. Luxter you abnned you got a new acount
  3. i had to ask what the name of the person was, then he said it was you so we killed you, plz
  4. yu hit something from are fort my levy shoted for us to come abck we do you start leaving still on are forts land so we had the right to
  5. check logs if it said you hit are fort then we had a KOS on you thats why we killed you, if not then sorry and my Levy was lieing, much love Wessex
  6. been in fights with them, liking them atm seemed to be kinda nice
  7. Fairs we need him and he will behave because if not he gets banned and we need the people so we can be in the big wars and not have to be in your fac and ask for things all the time we will be 30+ if he gets unabnned XD
  8. Hes a new guy now was speaking to him seem like he means it!
  9. this iks the biggist ballshit ive ever seen mate unbann the guy lannisters grow the fuck up it was not in the server it was a steam chat that should not be a ban just make the server good nwo you won the server war yeah or maybe my levy and do somethign to help that??? so yeah be good
  10. there from my clan taker the 50k from my bank we come on the server and we make one little thing wrong and we get banned what the hell man
  11. you moved from the stairs to inside thats why i klilled you fucking look next time ya?? and stop beign a bitch and just play the game
  12. you kicked him you gave hima kill reason on your read the rules FROM YELMY
  13. i didnt order shit im here ill and i just rember your lannister halting my guys and rdming us we must of had a kill reason on you for some reason cos you are one of ther rdmers i need to report soon anyway !!