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  1. It's like hanging ham up to cure
  2. Yeah, I offer a refund.
  3. My previous statement wasn't entirely correct but I've gone through lots of shadowplayed footage and found the incident for you. You can see in chat: YORKS HALT HALT NOW You then continue to move twice after the demand, thus giving me a valid kill reason.
  4. Emperor Donald J Trump/
  5. You failed to halt/sheathe weapons and it was a skirmish/raid/hostile zone
  6. Couldn't sound more like a psycho stalker if you tried lol.
  7. You guys, take ur cat fight elsewhere, this is a reserved safespace, restricted for only the holiest of crusader memes. grandmemester john presents a homemade FRESH crusader meme.
  8. Diplomacy Friendly The White Company The Kingdom of Lorraine Neutral Everyone else Hostile House Stark Pagans, heathens and infidels
  9. To join the Templars, simply apply here: Steam Group Teamspeak Server: