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  1. It looks just like my penis, small and ugly. And much like my penis, I just can't wait to play with it. Actually, looks a little bit like Kattegat, scaled down to chode size and yeah, looks gooood.
  2. Rude, arrogant, self obsessed and extremely unpleasant in global chat. /devouch.
  3. Haven't had a single problem with Conway for the entire 2 months he's been in my clan, he always acts responsibly when playing and is a good role model for my levies. /vouch
  4. Was a good admin on Nexus, should be good here as well, remember him being mature, sensible and reasonable in the past. /vouch.
  5. We won twice. You won, once. Therefore WE ARE THE VICTORS.
  6. I'm pretty sure Dekkers did that intentionally.
  7. Always acts in a polite and responsible manner. /vouch