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  1. I was constantly shooting at the gate from the siege tower, you guys pushed severe times and lost tincan with it, we pushed aswell, clogging while being assaulted hmmm.
  2. You can, and after 1 hour, idk, but that wasnt the case here
  3. Still looting lol, even if he didn't know and actually did a form of randoming you then he still had a kill reason because you looted.
  4. Spudgun does that too what do u mean...
  5. Bro im getting complained at, not you you irrelevant polak, go spread ur blur somewhere else and gtfo of the thread
  6. Even if so, Gut never hit or touched me in any way thus its no NRR, not to forget, we never gave you permission to take the castle, so we could just report you for illegal war because everyone was inside the castle already
  7. u polaks 've got some mental shit lol, leaving isn't just standing outside the fucking gates, stop being salty twats, i rather take a ban than refunding 50 fucking k
  8. i told you dudes to leave MY castle, i've got all right to attack him, and afterall, guts wasn't even involved attacking me? this is just some blatant banmongering here.
  9. @Leggielothus You ran away with ur horse even though we never told you to do that
  10. might've been the problem which confused me, could an admin check what the value of his gear was since it wasn't that OP afterall