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  1. Hm i guess you can, there is no real reason to change it though
  2. Would be used to advantage for faction members, if someone raids your castle and begins to lockpick your chests and it gets unlocked, a person with item keys can simply open it and make it locked again so you have to do the hole process again
  3. Sadly you didnt :(
  4. Just a question to @William @Henricus If the money in our banks will be transferred to the new module, i guess yes right?
  5. Why all these formatted texts and goodbye stories, i mean, its just being admin on a server, not the end of the world
  6. lol no, takes about 6/7 good hits if you want to kill a tincan
  7. I agree with shrek. Also look to the negative points how people would change their IPs or buy new keys so they wear the week tag, thats like 1 week mining gold/silver without the possibility of being robbed
  8. Feature Name: title says it Detailed description of your suggested feature: for example: Logs > Saptor blocked an attack by william Why? There were certain cases when someone attacks you, you block it and then instantly kill him, people banmonger and lie that it was rdm and the logs have their favour
  9. Feature Name: switching from midday to evening every 30 minutes. Detailed description of your suggested feature: would be cool to ninja build a ladder at evening and cap a castle at night. or do a war. Usage of torches would increase, maybe when you have a torch equiped on your back, it lights fire and you have a better sight in fighting. Maybe torches on walls which light the hole castle. Tho a question, would this decrease fps?
  10. Yes, im retarded and somehow managed to delete my map. Maybe i got a copy
  11. Give me the maps and i do it for them :)
  12. Well, how does it require more effort? You just load the map>open map editer>search for the healer name>you found the healer name>you remove all healer polls in 1 click
  13. Not you