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  1. Because you are trying to abuse the refund system
  2. Lol stop being retarded 1. You're already wasting your time by playing this game, dunno why that harmed you so badly. 2. Refunds are for heals, gear loss, and you could likely just ask for 5k, not 25k as you lost nothing. Afterall im not involved like admins warn me for (ridiculous) so byee
  3. But you didn't lose it, so why do you want a refund for something you never lost???
  4. Eh, yeah! Your fault you didn't drop it in time, and you kept complaining about it, i halted you before the war in riverrun, the faster you dropped, the faster you were released.
  5. I honestly cant remember, he has proof of the incident, so he can show it and make the scene more clear for me
  6. he NRRed over 5 times agains't me, with his fellow guys, he locked me up in the training room, then eventually came in with his friends to attack me again (as i was breaking the money chest this time to lur them in), after that he and another guy came back attacking me. and for N1N1, hes a new player, he shouldn't be given a (harsh) punishment. -Wulf
  7. He dropped it after 11 seconds, it gave me a kill reason.
  8. Liar, few minutes before the plebs declared i halted you, also, i told you to drop all your gold, which you didn't
  9. Lots of people play Dx7, most of them dont even know about this poll, i myself use Dx7 aswell.
  10. 2 mil
  11. More a discussion then a suggestions but i guess i placed it in the right place So my banks full, everytime i get a tin, i sell it, i cant store the money and end up losing it in wars dropping mass pouches, cant we just increase the bank limit just a bit?? I mean, why is there even a max of money storage??
  12. Do i see personal harrasment???? Ban????
  13. How far in sound is the horn blow distance? @William @Saptor @Tommy