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  1. He rdm'ed me and my friend 1000 times and you didn't banned him?


    1. Herbert Falsevor

      Herbert Falsevor

      I hate phoenix admins and other shit


  2. invalid. 1 kick is a kill reason.
  3. 7k refunded. I understand these things are frustrating but it happens,genuine accidents like this.
  4. It's completely relevant what you lost,it's a simple mistake him killing you he said lorraines leave,he assumed you saw it,you didn't shit happens. What you lose? last chance. 19:32:04 - *LOCAL* [Ftm_lsaac_Lannister] LEAVE LORRAINES 19:32:27 - Ftm_lsaac_Lannister picked up Iron Battle Axe(ID: 268) from the ground. 19:32:43 - Ftm_lsaac_Lannister attacked Horse (Ftm_Bob_Lorraine) dealing 42 damage 19:32:43 - Ftm_lsaac_Lannister attacked Ftm_Bob_Lorraine dealing 28 damage 19:32:44 - Ftm_lsaac_Lannister attacked Horse (Ftm_Bob_Lorraine) dealing 0 damage 19:32:46 - Ftm_lsaac_Lannister attacked Horse (Ftm_Bob_Lorraine) dealing 63 damage 19:32:47 - Ftm_lsaac_Lannister attacked Ftm_Bob_Lorraine dealing 51 damage 19:32:48 - Ftm_lsaac_Lannister attacked Ftm_Bob_Lorraine dealing 52 damage 19:32:48 - Ftm_lsaac_Lannister <img=ico_axeone> Ftm_Bob_Lorraine
  5. What you lose in this situation?
  6. Why no refund for a simple mistake?
  7. 20:02:08 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Smeagol_Stark] Wizzard halt 20:02:34 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Gomez_Stark] wait 20:02:35 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Gomez_Stark] wizzard 20:02:35 - Levy_Gomez_Stark looted a corpse. 20:02:37 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Gomez_Stark] take helm off 20:02:44 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Gomez_Stark] OMG 20:02:56 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Gomez_Stark] put it again 20:03:01 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Gomez_Stark] btw lorraines are shit 20:03:07 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Gomez_Stark] understand? 20:03:08 - Levy_Gomez_Stark attacked Squire_Wizzard_Lorraine dealing 0 damage 20:03:20 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Gomez_Stark] and starks and lannis the best 20:03:23 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Gomez_Stark] understand? 20:03:29 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Gomez_Stark] and u are a noo 20:03:31 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Gomez_Stark] understand? 20:03:43 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Gomez_Stark] u know what u have to do know? 20:04:02 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Gomez_Stark] follow me a bit 20:04:25 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Gomez_Stark] ok 20:04:30 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Gomez_Stark] wanna duel? 20:04:41 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Gomez_Stark] who i am? 20:04:43 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Gomez_Stark] im a fgt? 20:04:45 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Gomez_Stark] fagot? 20:04:49 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Gomez_Stark] sure? 20:04:58 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Gomez_Stark] who i am 20:05:12 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Gomez_Stark] now leave The point in halting people is to demand or imprison them it's simple not waste their time with this stupidity and trying to get him to call you a person with shit on his stick or insult you through stupid questions,simple as that,you do it again you will be banned for wasting peoples times and illegal halts. Solved. Added a note to gomez's account of this.
  8. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Captain_magicman_Lorraine The person(s) you are reporting: Highlord_kozubki_Dayne The time stamp; date of the incident (in GMT+1, anything else will be ignored completely): 9:54 2/5/17 What you are reporting them for: RDM The full story: Were at war I peaced it then went walking around on my horse near jelk and they killed me,no other people near there so it wasn't a warzone. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation (any and all screenshots or video footage for example): Logs Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: Depends.
  9. Sorted. Solved.
  10. 40k refunded
  11. 25k refunded
  12. Template.
  13. follow the template.
  14. @Howell you realise if you got kicked from the faction you gain a kill reason not the person who kicked you? :P