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  1. What about long bow animations I don't wanna look like I shit myself with long bows aswell
  2. Make it pop up when you have received or had keys/announcers taken away For example You have received keys : Item chest You have received keys : Doors You have received keys : Money chest You have received : Faction announcer
  3. While this admin complaint is a poor attempt of getting an admin removed or warned it's quite literally an attempt to create drama over nothing,you've literally (In bad English)boasted about trying to make all your completed (complaints I assume) fast,and after that he's also boasted about leaving our server for another one please just remove this piece of retarded garbage from our community once and for all,he's pathetic,he's a repeat offender of breaking the rules and is making complaints out of spite for other members of the community and the admin team. And as for me not being an admin anymore while that may be true,you did something wrong by telling an admin to shut up when he's doing a community event hosted by a clan for the community at their castle which is more than you have ever or will hopefully ever do,I hope you get and stay permanently banned. @Henricus @William @Ted
  4. Doesn't get his way tells an admin to shut up gets temp banned and complains about it nearly a week later,maybe if you weren't so disrespectful you wouldn't get temp banned or perm banned for harassment or by being a general nuisance,ever consider you people don't wanna put up with your nagging? Oh you had to tell your clan to log off of what like 15 people oh you ain't got ANY other leadership,Your argument is invalid like most things you say,you're throwing your toys out of the pram almost a week later over nothing. Learn to use a fucking template you moron.
  5. I mean as far as I can see that's a kill reason since you hadn't died before him attacking you? And if you're going to try blag he ain't your friend you're lying through you front teeth you're very in flow with each-other when it comes to post and complaining together.
  6. Yeah I changed the title forgot to change the rest of the complaint
  7. And I wasn't naked I was on a horse with full archer gear which is how I survived two shot from your crossbow
  8. It was in hakr there's only area in side they were killing you inside I was outside hitting trees and he shot me twice I even said it was rdm when he did it,"panicked"? you're joking right? he was on the wall while I was hitting trees outside the castle nowhere near the skirmzone inside the castle,I wasn't hiding behind trees I was riding in circles hitting them oh real hostile actions there. And I yelled to him that it was rdm and "refund or report" he chose to not reply so I didn't know his name,sounds like a him problem for randomly shooting people not being hostile on the other side of a wall to a skirm zone. 16:15:55 - Horse (Norse_Hersir_Magic) attacked Norse_Scout_Luda dealing 0 damage 16:17:42 - Theresa_May attacked Norse_Hersir_Magic dealing 13 damage 16:17:45 - *LOCAL* [Norse_Hersir_Magic] nice rdm 16:17:46 - Theresa_May attacked Norse_Hersir_Magic dealing 21 damage 16:17:53 - *LOCAL* [Norse_Hersir_Magic] nice rdming btw 16:17:57 - *LOCAL* [Norse_Hersir_Magic] refund or report? Also he shot me a second time after I said it was RDM
  9. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Levy_Magic_Lorraine The admin(s) you are reporting also include whether they are forum staff, Game Admin or a Head Admin: SA_Pilgrim The time and date of the incident (in GMT+0, anything else will be ignored completely): 14:50 gmt +0 What you claim the admin has done: Killed me for no reason and dealing with a complaint wrongfully The full story: vhasj attacked walex due to a previous kos from what he's told me,and me and vhasj were fighting and mid fight he freezes vhasj and before I noticed I attacked him and he killed me instantly,then refused to heal me or give my food bar back it was just not needed to kill me since you can't hurt people while frozen anyway. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation (any and all screenshots or video footage for example): Vhasj has a video and logs.
  10. @Bridge Troll pls laugh at this kid.
  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAH you're a fucking joke
  12. A German in denial of his nationality