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  1. This is a ban appeal,not an application for people to vouch and have their views.
  2. Clog 3rd Offense Ted 2017-04-19 10:34:58 0000-00-00 00:00: @Ted
  3. Dropped upon request.
  4. Knight_Rabadox_Lorraine attacked Horse (Maester_NuttyPig_Lannister) dealing 194 damage not solving it,but I believe that may be the person since it's the only person near that time who couched you and didn't kill you.
  5. Mass RDM (in group) Specimen 2016-09-25 14:41:35 @Tommy
  6. Spoke to indian about it,he understands it was legal. invalid.
  7. Your screenshot only shows the side of church where the bank and many skirms took place,not enough evidence to suggest he rdm'd you,be more careful. Invalid
  8. 17:10:33 - Bator revealed a money pouch containing about 100 coins to Skullsworn_Lorek. 17:10:38 - Bator spawned pouch containing 175 gold. 17:10:41 - Skullsworn_Gandalf attacked Bator dealing 84 damage 17:10:41 - Skullsworn_Gandalf <img=ico_headshot> Bator 17:10:29 - *LOCAL* [Skullsworn_Lorek] show pouch Can't see any reason in the logs you produced your pouch in good time. I assume since they've not replied in 2/3 days we're not gonna get one. lorek warned for rdm. Make a refund request for lost items.
  9. This can be solved within your clan not here.
  10. You're reporting a person from your own clan?
  11. 15:43:36 - Ser_Tyrek_Lannister attacked Unkown_Greek dealing 97 damage 15:43:36 - Ser_Tyrek_Lannister <img=ico_headshot> Unkown_Greek 15:43:45 - *PLAYER* [Blue Faction] [Unkown_Greek] Tyrek rdm 15:38:00 - Ser_Tyrek_Lannister attacked Unkown_Greek dealing 75 damage 15:38:00 - Ser_Tyrek_Lannister <img=ico_headshot> Unkown_Greek 15:42:00 - Ser_Jaime_Lannister attacked Unkown_Greek dealing 112 damage 15:42:00 - Ser_Jaime_Lannister <img=ico_spear> Unkown_Greek He'd died recently before tyrek killed him and tyreks logs alone suggest a skirm weather faith was in/near a skirmzone or not,people in general should keep an eye on the global logs,since it was only a minute or two prior to jamie killing him. Any screenies/evidence of the skirm zone? @Pepsi @Faith any screenies of where you died/surrounding area?
  12. Well since no evidence has been posted to suggest you didn't see it,I'll have to mark this invalid.
  13. banned for 3 days rdm second offence.
  14. @[HS] Flavius all sorted then ?