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  1. @Bridge Troll pls laugh at this kid.
  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAH you're a fucking joke
  3. A German in denial of his nationality

  4. No you've proven you will defend yourself to the end regardless of what people tell and say about you,learning to run a clan isn't the same as being trusted with power you've already abused and have tried to crawl back to get.
  5. If you have the weak will to abuse once,you cannot be trusted with it again even if there's a 1% chance of it happening again.
  6. He rdm'ed me and my friend 1000 times and you didn't banned him?


    1. Herbert Falsevor

      Herbert Falsevor

      I hate phoenix admins and other shit


  7. Yeah I apologise,but you didn't post the correct names as you're instructed too,"minge",it's what I searched for so what happens to you didn't show up. But all in all I apologise,for going on what you gave me. But bran would only get a warning for this regardless,is it even worth making this complaint over? and it's no bias,I'm a lorraine,I don't think you know what the word means.
  8. Going to need at least a GUID for us to check who/when you were banned,log onto another pw server and it should pop up copy it down and post it here. @Morning_Swords
  9. Whenever Jon has every reported people he's nine times out of ten has been accepting of refunds,which is big thing for since I do think banning should saved for people who break the rules on purpose and being toxic,he always hears admins out and hears others players out and gives them the respect he wants to receive himself,but as for the spelling thing,give's a better impression if it looks nice but you'll get better while being and admin either way or use your auto correct more I see no reason to de-vouch jon snow he may have been toxic in the past in reports/ing,ain't seen anything like that in a long time. Massive Vouch
  10. The full story: Had just been raided and killed by Starks, respawned, looted. Josh clearly goes 'revam halt' then proceeds to kill me. For a start, my name isn't Revam, it's Revan, so this is not a halt. Furthermore, he killed me straight after, making this RDM. So you expect me to assume you stopped and started typing that it isn't you name when you have every opportunity to state that in your complaint,if you put more time in to your complaint and state "The full story" Instead of assuming the admin will know what you mean when you give barely half of the story of what happened in the situation.
  11. You never implied or said you'd stopped to the "halt" demand which is 5 seconds not 10,and he never said show pouch 15:31:22 - *LOCAL* [Ser_Josh_Stark] revam halt 15:31:28 - *LOCAL* [Ser_Josh_Stark] sheath weps after he said halt,and probably instantly started typing "sheath weps" you were still running for 6 seconds which is a kill reason,and you never once said in the 5 posts you posted on the complaint denied not stopping. Demanding You must give someone 10 seconds to comply with a demand (The only exception for this is "halt" where a reasonable amount of time, ~5 seconds, must be given for the player to comply).
  12. Just so you know if you do get accepted you will start as forum staff which is standard for admins,would that bother you? Just curious is all.