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  1. with this amount of work put into our clan board i think ss is a serious clan
  2. i agree
  3. now i know why you are such a bellend fucking crp player
  4. @Pharis Tell me how it feels being demolished today :))))
  5. Stop flaming on my thread ty
  6. All this hate :(
  7. good i just passed that
  8. ehhh. no
  9. I thought we were invite only?!?!!?!
  10. If the whole Lannister army was home the unsullied wouldn't stand a chance. Casterly Rock would be OP as fuck if there was more than 500 defending it.
  11. nice map deks, though it seems as you havent made Casterly Rock OP enough make this realistic?!?!?
  12. would rather call it a joke...
  13. it shall affect your total rep!!!!!!
  14. and also please make it possible to devote people's content as well, this way I would have some good way of putting down @Rythos and @kevingiete1 without having to spew my daily dose of autism out on this forum....
  15. tyvm bro, so I'm friendly now??? Do you love me now?