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  1. I think I love you again even though i have some problems with you, WHERE HAS ME CAV OP DEKS MAPS GONE?
  2. Does that mean that i'm out of the complaint? As i said i'm willing to pay 100k if both Gregor and me gets out of this. I'm personally very sorry for this rulebreak even though that i'm sure that i'm innocent in some way. I've only lost one complaint to now which i refunded. I will want to have clean sheet till the end of PW since that would be cool to say that since i've never been banned. Even though i've played on many different servers in over 3 years.
  3. Njet ?!?! 100k and ill pay for gregor
  4. Tbh you should be able to help, and in the rules it says that YOU cannot initiate hostilities, which i did not, i simply helped my faction.
  5. If i remember correctly, i helped a faction member in the second incident where woof woof got outlawed. The woof woof got attacked by a levy if i remember and i was nearby because i was following woof woof, so i could help when our fac attacked him, which they did.
  6. I'm very cautious about the ruleset and not breaking rules etc... Never been convicted of breaking a rule a single time so i do not think i'm wrong this time, if i'm wrong i'll refund 100k so you can buy tin and then i can loot it during wars 😘😘 About the first situation, i did nothing wrong since i just helped, and you know that yourself aswell so i appreciate that. About the NRR i do not know, maybe i'm wrong, maybe i'm not. 0 rulebreaks i'm convicted for so i would like to keep clean sheet, hope 100k is okay IF IM WRONG
  7. Yesyes it looks better i know but wooden ones are better at being gay and headglitching as archer
  9. DEKS BIAS MUCH ?!?!?!?!
  10. I couched two guys, one in the middle of a fight with medium-heavy gear and i couched an archer that was shooting after the Durrandons. And you should know i was hostile since i fought with Starks and you guys before aswell, though i had heavy tin and a charger there (Gone because first a Durrandon couched me horse and afterwards another one couched me instead of the enemy, RIP gear.) If you were the archer, then yes i did not attack anyone before you buit i don't think so since you had pretty shit gear and 50k is alot for an archer to charge lol. And this is pretty much common sense since i was on Lorraine tags and everyone knows we are allies, and you and the Starks are enemies, you shouldn't be suprised i choose to help. In the end it doesn't really matter, they called for help, you were fighting them, making you KOS
  11. It should look like RDM, but it wasn't and the Durrandons called for help and it shouldn't really suprise you since i was fighting with your faction beforehand, and in the logs i even couched one before you. Well whatever, you were engaged in the fight and were actively shooting after Durrandons which called for help.
  12. If we did not tell you to move, i sadly have to say yes :( But if we did tell you, which i'm not sure about, we gain no KR. Let's wait for logs, yeh?? I'm sorry brother, but things needs to get learnt the hard way
  14. Nice siege you had goin on with Lannisters vs Martells and Sterks
  15. If you will 1v1 me irl you'll have ti get out Osama Bin Ladens former cave?!?!