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  1. i hope you get banned soon you rdm'ing prick
  2. krunch is a person with shit on his stick loser !!
  3. pls custom berserker things
  4. clearly 51-60 cause every one of your members dont come on everytime there is war, more like half. (in denmark its less) i imagine lannies being a bit over half every war, if i guess
  5. Atleast its from the right politcal side and not commies, i would tolerate.
  6. very toxic player that oneil guy
  7. Only our levies are this retarded
  8. Ayy Zaira <3 thank you for the reminder, it just triggers me that he has it in his name, I know that it is old i just suggested the player wasn't Very funny that one.. I'm questioning your maturity by your name my dear. to both of you i have infact been apart of bohemia once
  9. Fuck off with your trash clan you fuck. You must be pretty new with your clan being in your forum name.
  10. It was serious cunt imagine how cool it would be
  11. :( im sorry bruv, but i cant see the team under staff list
  12. Erdogan is strong in you
  13. Can you add a feature on the lure which allows me to import my own music. I could make the Denmark castle into my own personal ghetto with chocolatey individual rap!!! Im sure i could also make the taverns into a club of hard bass slav music, just for you @William Pls @Dekkers @Saptor @William
  14. hes probably just after another great player of this community
  15. leech probably has the best player of pw in this clan