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  1. Some few guys having troublee not S key'ing, but gj actually trying to fix this problem, try with going out of your castle and sieging next!
  2. Kevin should kinda care because next time he does a rulebreak he will get perm banned. It wouldn't suprise me if this is a rumebreak since he has frequently been banned and i think he is on his 7th ban or something like that, disgusting really
  3. xd old memes i think this is agu's older brother
  4. we probs have more but we atleast we're not 1 man on 10 sheep becuz we arent like you uncivilised arabic jihad cunts. kys arabs, without oil you would still be fighting with improved sticks
  5. what u gon do bout' it, jihad maybe, with other faggot arabs ??? If we nuke dubai your country will go to shit again, and watch sheep. Need my precious sheep, please gime sheeps so i can eat them like i eat Stark levies.
  6. No sand niggers allowed. No terrorist allowed. Illegal to jihad in civilised countrys
  7. 1 Spamming Acknowledged [HLPD] House Lannister Propaganda Department Warning issued by Kilian Saturday at 07:40 PM Penalty Given 1 points which expire 05/10/17 06:39 PM Content moderated - 1 day and 23 hours Note for member Stop spamming this topic with useless messages. i thought SS propaganda was useful :(
  8. i dont want you to insult me clan members, im the only one that makes my clan seem bad lol, ze forum warrior Bohl is of great danger to the other forum warriors but me clan members are only ingame warriors, but not berserker liek me
  9. stop using fine words i do not understand you little "cretin". and you did not answer my question, WHOS THE BEST CAV????
  10. stop lannie propaganda, start SS propaganda xd, WHOS THE BEST CAV????
  11. im triggered, im proud of my country, dont piss on me, im ultra nationalist
  12. sterk memes has always been good How to desstroy a stark Talk about their levys
  13. viking wannabe?? I'm not a viking wannabe, my country conquered half of England ?? The first organized viking country in history and the first scandinavian country to invent our flag design because it fell down from the sky in 1219 in a battle that made our soldiers win. Dannebrog is one of the oldest flags used by a current country (maybe the oldest) and we have one of the oldest royal families in the world. Did you also know that the norwegian royal family is extinct and they lended a danish prince to make it back???? My country is the best and most glorious in the world? DON*T TALK SHIT SAND NIGGER?
  14. aybak go jihad you little sand bitch, go fucking kys you little islamist terrorist
  15. My king, Mein fuhrer, stop discussing this, because we already have a winner here, leftys are gay.