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  1. what is this hardcore bullying everyone of you can rap battle me and ill show you what bohl the g can spit. you know my people is famous for our huge ghettos that i "own" if you know what i mean pheonix is just one of my ghettos
  2. Tommy did aswell, nothing wierd in that.
  3. did you hear that @Rythos
  4. hes probably just after another great player of this community
  5. leech probably has the best player of pw in this clan
  6. I admire you for helping other people, deks, you are nice man!!
  7. I love you mate <3 i swear i wont trashtalk you ever again my lord
  8. you wanna have a go mate ill slit you right open like i did to your sister cunt
  9. why is the house frey banner so dull ingame and the castle is placed incorrectly pls deks pls fix
  10. Hey Bridge Now that we can buy you, can we also get payed to buy your mom????? Would be an interesting shop item buying a marginally overweight cow, that maybe could follow you around
  11. Lol proton stay banned ted is really nice in the shoutbox.. He unbanned me once! maybe if you stopped being a fucking glue sniffer he would unban you?? what i do is lick arse abit, then get unbanned to get banned a week after... repeat
  12. It will suprise you how scary he can get :( It's worse than Maxxxio getting mad and him starting to whine in a very angry way
  13. no you stupid fuck