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  1. You have a point there, but i would still like an M5 ?!??!! though in Vikingland it's alot more expensive to get cars... so ye ill be having to pay alot more than you would have to pay, but i would still get the same car. :(
  2. 300 series is for poor people that want to look "rich" also tiny engine.. do you have 2,0 or 1,5??? hahahaah 335 is better... or just get an m.
  3. what model is that?? year aswell??
  4. oh, I got misinformed, I thought it started at 16:30 or something Drunk streaming is nies, hope you don't get banned from twitch because you are pulling these MASSIVE VIEWS OF OF DRUNK STREAMING!!!
  5. Who won? Sorry, I just came home from a football match.
  6. can you stand-in for mozart or dustin??? cause then im sure i wont lose any money :)
  7. If the whole Lannister army was home the unsullied wouldn't stand a chance. Casterly Rock would be OP as fuck if there was more than 500 defending it.
  8. nice map deks, though it seems as you havent made Casterly Rock OP enough make this realistic?!?!?
  9. Name: Bohl GUID: 1579546 Dustin vs. Antonio Betting on: Antonio Amount: 100k Mozart vs. Pepsi Betting on: Pepsi Amount: 200k
  10. would rather call it a joke...
  11. He lost to Rowan lol
  12. I think the two TA's can stop sucking each other off and congratulate the winner BOHL FREY!!!! oh and also there was another guy who won
  13. Ye i edited it for you!!!
  14. it shall affect your total rep!!!!!!
  15. and also please make it possible to devote people's content as well, this way I would have some good way of putting down @Rythos and @kevingiete1 without having to spew my daily dose of autism out on this forum....