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  1. It's time we recognise Proton as a pillar of the community.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPfgOfpapQT-gHWyEEZX4_w/videos Does dank Minecraft videos Vouch
  3. Yes
  4. Person A RDMs Person B, Person B then returns and RDMs Person A's horse which causes Person A to declare on Person B's faction and spawn camp him for 30 minutes which triggers Person B causing him to spread Person A's Pinterest account on Person B's private TS. Who do you ban?
  5. - 15 Years old - Polish - Types in broken English - All lower case forum name Think he should help to bring the overall admin IQ up: VOUCH
  6. Pretty sure I can despawn my own gear actually, the rules only say if its through a glitch which it wasn't. If that's still not the case and its illegal then its not my fault, the rules should be clearer.
  7. Sorry Sir!!! I slipped, look how bad my ping is nowadays
  8. Probably did RDM you tbh, was a chaotic situation. I'll chuck you a refund if you want
  9. Your in-game name when you were banned: Forums not in game Your GUID (not required): N/A Why you think you were banned: asking if tav calling benji marginally overweight is comparable to pierre having metioned a FACIAL FEATURE which i presume was seen as personal harrasment Why you should be unbanned: As it had no intent to harm anyone and i was simply using as a point of how people will happily go after benji but mentioning a facial feature ( i do not the original user took it to some further extent then i had said) Any other information that might be useful:
  10. On behalf of Antioch we accept your apology and will immediately drop the complaint AJ REGARDS
  11. There's no Vorne on Normandy