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  1. Alright my apologies i haven't discussed with autistic ppl for some months. Let me start again because apparently u are new, and you are talking with ppl who has been playing this mod, in this server for ages. Sorry if im gonna repeat literally what I said but I can't explain it otherwise. When you are halted (you were) you have to follow every demand which is allowed to be followed... seems that you know the rules, alright, so ''Open the gate'' is another demand like ''Come here'' or ''Show pouch'', and you were completely free to open the gate, when the rule say '' if he fails to comply'' doesn't mean you can refuse to do it, it's a demand and you are forced to follow it or die. Tbh idk what rule means with '' if he fails to comply'' but obviously doesn't mean that you can refuse to do it. Is not so hard amigo.
  2. Stop is a demand for whoever who was there, and they still had kos on you when they came back so its a completely legal kill and a clear clog which has been alrdy punished. I can't also understand why refund is so high, u were wearing a plate as well but you didn't clog? Or thats what you want for your own?
  3. If someone told you to leave doesn't matter if you were writing or whatever you were doing, if 10 sec has passed they had KR on you.
  4. When you are halted you have to follow all demands and being halted your ar completely free to move to the gate and follow that demand (Open the gate i mean) and you refused to open it so that gave us a cleary KR on you.
  5. Logs can't even show that, if he was truely ''glitching'', next time make SS or record a video, how the fuck do you want an admin believe you without any proof? Atm this report is completely valid and Zahu is not gonna be here to save you everytime so next time, get proofs to defend yourself and start playing with common sense and overall using your head, you are not new. Just leave it in admin's hands...
  6. Logs will show all these deaths you are talking about if it's true... But the one you are reporting for is a completely legal kill. And make sure the refund is equal to the value of what you lost and don't try to J E W ppl's money just because u need it for you. And about that i recommended to you for next time to download ShadowPlay or something like that to record what you are playing so you can have a video for your report if something illegal happens.
  7. Seems like a good guy with more than enough experience... I think what server need is more active admins in-game and I hope you will be one of them... so you have my /Vouch
  8. He did a great job when he was admon... forum staff is too easy for this great german boi. /Vouch
  9. Your in-game name when you were banned: HRE_Ftm_Aitor Your GUID (not required): 2398723 Why you think you were banned: Because i break the RDM rule thinking that what i did was a completely legal kill. Why you should be unbanned: Just because is stupid to ban 3 days a serious and an active player just for kill a naked. I haven't been banned for 4 months and i think admin can just force the complainer to accept a refund as i told in the complaint. I understand the admin point and I understand that it's hard to see our point if you were not there with us. I know it's just 3 days but these 3 days I can't only no play, i can't record so I can't make videos. Any other information that might be useful: I can just say sorry for what I did and if I refused to refund the complainer in-game was just because, as I said, I think I was right, and apparently I'm not, but 3 days for kill a naked without being banned since April it's stupid.
  10. More ppl who was still coming out after i killed ggikec
  11. And what can i do exactly for defend myself lol. I already did it. Tbh i can't understand why it was RDM if like 20 of them were still inside the spawn waiting like idiots. As i said, if this guy is still interested in J E W me 5k, do it, if he's not, just punish me, but is stupid to ban a serious and an active player just for kill a naked, and + being Ggicke, a rule breaker and a jester for all this community.
  12. The only thing i can't understand is why this guys isn't still banned... First of all, a lot of ppl from the pleb faction was still inside our spawn, and as I know we are completely allowed to clear our castle although if the war doesn't still on. And that's what we did, clear the castle until no one kept alive. And that's why i refused the refund, because as I know, it wasn't an illegal kill and because I'm not going to refund a naked who just come out from my castle's spawn when the war was peaced. That's a SS when i killed you: And that's another SS of what were we doing: If you and your mates were not so retarded and you wouldn't stay inside the inner spawn just waiting like idiot we wouldn't wait there for you. Next time be serious, log on enough ppl and make a propper war and not that shit. If I'm wrong we can speak about a refund if this guy are still interested in J E W me 5k.
  13. Which map is VoS, i think i've never play it before
  14. its just a new mechanic!
  15. It was a warzone for them , we (CI) were fighting in that castle with englands against Ice so it was a warzone for us too