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  1. Persistent Kingdoms - CI & Aitor by Aitor
  2. 1v1 in gibraltar tomorrow at 6pm f a g g o t
  3. ur mum, we will take that rock !!!
  4. Good luck!
  5. With extremely tricky... u mean, to build the ladderpoint I'm right? just an idea of where can ladderpoints be placed
  6. Will we have the same GUID in PK that we have in PW? I lost my player link and maybe if its a different one i can get another one.
  7. Sad, I understand its not ur map but this map can be too repetitive. Anyway i hope that PK changes make it more funny... Its a bit annoying when u have to siege Monti or Praven u know... *pewpew*
  8. Will there be any change in the castles like in Skyrim? Maybe its a little ''meh'' play the new mod with same castles without any change (except armories)
  9. Maybe for the pikes is meh, but this shit is rlly necessary for the heavy lance... It is too bother when u are heavy cav and u have to use the morningstar and that shit is in the middle of ur screen and its more annoying when u are recording. Anyway add this in ''C'' menu will be a great idea.
  10. Stfu Gayston... Gud idea btw
  11. ewww so individual who is good with money
  12. gl to make the map
  13. If any admon permban u just cuz u didnt say u had a mace when everything happended in your complaint u would be happy?
  14. So... now if someone have weapons... I have KR on him? Or what? Because if logs dont show any attack from filipo towards Lothar still being RDM lmao And YE lie in a complaint is againts the rules... but is the difference between have a mace or have nothing enough big to permban him? It will be banmongering (i think) if the RDM wasnt RDM.. but... wait a second... IT WAS RDM I can understand ur decision tbh