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  1. Your GUID and name: Knight_Aitor_Swann & 2398723 Reason for refund: Spawned in the water Date & Time:19:04 (GMT+1) & 21/01/2019 Did you take a server crash refund (if applicable): X Link to the complaint (if applicable): X Estimated amount: 85K (Helmet 10 - Sultan 62 - Boots, gloves and weps around 13) Screenshot:
  2. Reporting who you consider... expected more from u tbh, now i see who i can and who i cannot trust as a good boi, okey, lets see... Dunno the situation of the rest of the guys in this complaint but from my view all my clan was logging off while u declare so i did the same. As u can see i couldnt see anyone coming to the castle in addition to the fact that when i logged u werent at the castle yet so: 0 sense Before log i told the other guys to pick up the armor they were waiting to loot and log off, and then i logged as the rest of the clan did. I dont see the point of reporting ppl that have been in the same clan with u, in the same ts with u, playing with u... just to be cancer against a clan that didnt make you anything as far as im concerned... Idk whats your problem but i hope the rest of the good guys that are currently in tismir dont turn in to a toxic glue sniffer like you did. Also are you rlly closing the way to refund in the case this report is right? That fact only shows the kind of admin and the kind of person you probably are. As i said, i expected more from u dirty sapo.
  3. nein, they are part of the clans which we've seen and have alrdy disbanded
  4. now u can add Toulouse and the new Pharis' clan, one has alrdy disbanded and the other will do it after the first day
  5. fortunately
  6. Didnt ask him but i think he's taking a break of PK since i only chat with him by whatsapp and obviously, not about mapping hehe
  7. If when u say ''useful'' u mean cancerous, yeah sure they are really really useful
  8. Stop lying Foxy. when u truly RQ is when you see me getting on battle
  9. Why haven't we added throwable weapons yet? Cuz they are cancerous Why won't we add Horse Archer class? Cuz it's cancerous.
  10. oh boi didnt notice about this post... NO NO NO NO NO NO NO ty
  11. Also if no one mind i would like to do my bit of help in this complaint showing how we were not 6 ppl. There we go, some prof from that moment: - Swann: - Bea: People getting inside praven are all of them Swann *EDIT*(also getting ready to go siege them), and everyone can perfectly check from themselves who are the guys who are logging while at war.
  12. Lets see, first of all I'm writing this on behalf of Sharp. The refund amount is reasonable, you logged 20 guys, 20 different clogs. You shouldn't break the rules and expect to get away with it. I requested that only Beaufort and Swann leadership reply, so please get out of the complaint, we also had 40 guys, not 6. That's all ty, xoxo.
  13. working hard as a good negro, 10/10
  14. It was funny, goodbye.
  15. u forgot archers spammers.... wait, which one? Oh yeah sry forgot there was a lot of them, Byzantine i mean
  16. Would like to see where are the spawns located in each castle, the ladderpoints (im sure we cant see most of them in those ss), the bannerpoints and all the stuff from the armory. Anyway, without going into small details map looks amazing.
  17. Well, would like to see where are the spawns located in each castle so that we can make an idea if they are unbalanced or they are not, but for the rest, map looks cool. Good job Zahu
  18. Every new map to the rotation is good... But server is rlly unbalanced since 2 months ago we were needy of new maps cause we had clans but used to play the same maps every month and nowadays what server needs is clans... its a hard situation tbh
  19. What about Benji's first good idea? Remove the global chat wasn't a joke
  20. Weren't u banned from the forums? Apparently no, well that's a shame
  21. Well, yours looks much cool xd But this one looks nice aswell
  22. That's not good xd well its just a meme since jerus and ci couldnt won byz at that castle cuz they had literally more than 30 archers xd For the rest, it looks rlly cool