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  1. Jelkala looks rlly nice, didnt like the last update, thanks for change it! Great job.
  2. Foxy doesnt speak english, let me translate him what u said: @Foxy εργασία σε εξέλιξη
  3. Overview looks amazing, keep going on! there's nothing left!
  4. The outlaw camp is the island on the left
  5. What he said: What he wants:
  6. Well city looks amazing but in my opinion in the keep ( you shld fill that courtyard whit some house or some building just cuz i think its too opened and the attackers shld have some place to regroup or get heals once they get in to the courtyard
  7. U can't even hold Toledo unless it would has a TP door What map was going to be about was subjected to a poll, stop crying everywhere cus none make ur beloved spain
  8. Glitching is grab a cart and bug someone in to a wall so he can successfully cross it. Jump over a wall which its not done correctly is not players' fault, thats the mappers and admins work, report something what its wrong and then fixed it, ofc is a benefit but everyone try to find out the benefit of each place, and if this one its a mapper's mistake, thats not who use it problem. We have been abusing of glitchings for many years such as class glitch, arrows, stock and random TPs... these were glitching beacuse them were game problems, but this is not glitching because its not a problem from the game, its a problem from the map, and as i said many times, its not players' fault.
  9. They faction who has just capped the castle it's allowed to clean up the castle and if u are already in to a fight u can keep it as i know, but rules don't say nothing about this or about 30 seconds to finish the hostilities as i know, but I mean if Marton was not fighting you, you had no reason to kill him if the war was already peaced...
  10. Well thats so fucking lactose intolerant, we let you play in the first CI when you were not spaniard... expected more from you ari...
  11. I prefer without horn tbh, or use this one: (personally i think this one its more cool) Also change the charger and the warhorse textures, native textures are rlly awful
  12. Yeah ofc man its completely normal, well, as i said im sure with all the stuff it will look amazing :)
  13. mmmhh what about this