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  1. The Halt is not over until that person that Halted you says you can leave or he runs off. He may have another demand whatever it may be. Assuming the Halt is over for complying is false. So if you start moving around, especially like you're running away, don't be surprised that you're killed. @Eidu
  2. Lol, that's funny. By the way, no one is going to dox him for enforcing rules. The IP you think you see isn't usually his IP to begin with, it's a mask, so DOS it all you want, and most people have dynamic IPs any way which changes. So if you managed to get his true IP address, which you wont, it'll change in a few hours any way, or if you managed to down his connection, he'll have a different IP any way you'd need to get again which will be much harder unless you've infected his PC. If you're going to do something to someone, you need to trick them into doing something stupid which I wont mention on what you need to get them to do. ------ If they use a VPN, you're utterly screwed and will never ever get their IP unless their VPN is crappy and bleeds their gateway address during a lag spike. However, that's pretty rare, and doesn't happen too often, but even if it did, you wouldn't know when or where to look and it'll literally be a needle in a hay stack, probably more like an atom in a hay stack. Stop trying to scare him about someone hacking him. It's not going to happen. This isn't the 90s. For example, go ahead and try to do something to my IP address. This is my currently assigned IP address.
  3. Some people came into TeamSpeak asking for Hagaron. Hagaron jumped down a channel to see what they wanted, and my ears blew up as I joined after Hagaron because of certain people in the channel. If it were up to me, I would have banned them fairly quickly for certain reasons. So it was a good thing Hagaron was in the channel. I allowed Hagaron to handle it and never once did I object to him handling it. Hagaron and I are two different personalities, and his points were valid. I may or may not have disagreed with him on a few things. I was going to ban Crusher until Tav or Tommy wanted to deal with his unban appeal since I knew it was going to be political. However, Hagaron took control of the situation in TS since I was all about banning them from TS because of attitudes, and calmed the parties down. That's a testament to Hagaron willing to deal with the yelling, cursing, and insults. That's my weak point as an admin and I'll admit that here. Insulting me after I ask you to stop is a way to make the ban button seem much more appealing. I am not a politician. If it were up to me, the United States would be a bonified Christian country, we would have bombed Iran, China and Putin would be put on mute, placed 5 embassies in Jerusalem as a F U to anyone who hated Israel, nuked North Korea, American would be the official US language, built an electric wall between the US and Mexico so not only could they not get over, it would shock them, too; and abortions would be illegal. Again, I am not a politician as you can see. I leave that up to Tav, Tommy, or other admins that handle other aspects of the community. I am an admin that will take action and let the other guys who balance the fine line of trying to keep things at peace decide what should be done after my ban. So again, I had no problem with Hagaron taking over the situation as I was simply going to ban them or ignore them until Tav or Tommy any way. I am not responding to the event. I am just letting you guys know why Hagaron was involved. ----------- Also, please remember this a video game guys. I and others keep forgetting at times.
  4. Recruitable NPCs .. a must
  5. Allow action to take their course? Everything was halted. I was there talking. I wasn't done. If you don't have the patience to wait for me to finish with the complaint, do not make a complaint to me in game. I am not going to allow you to interfere with something I am doing, that's one of the things that irks me. Attacking me or someone I am dealing with during a complaint. I am not triggered. If I was triggered, I wouldn't respond. I am however agitated at these stupid complaints. You are a liar Ancient, and I hope something is done about it. I have already pulled out three lies you have told within this complaint. I pointed out in the logs where he re-joined and joined the faction and then you had a conversation with him while you're also telling me he wasn't even there during my complaint. The logs clearly show him rejoin the game and the faction while you guys were talking in faction chat. He was there during the complaint and before I got there. I didn't take a video, but i saw him. ----------------------- He attacked the person in the complaint. Not some random enemy faction member. You dont attack people I am dealing with. It's the whole point of me standing there with admin armor looking at you to give people a clue we are busy, please wait. I am dealing with you and the person you complained on. It's not fair for you to suddenly attack him and get a cheap shot in and use me as leverage to get an advantage because you want his armor / gear. If you make a complaint you've made the entire issue my business. I am not going to half butt it. Now if you say nvm, or run off, that's fine. Cool. I'm done with it faster. If you don't actually want me to try and solve the complaint, do not ask for me in game to help you on a complaint.
  6. You called me for a complaint. Eve is just as much as part of that complaint as you are. Unless it's a Combat Log, as that's the only situation I can think of now where I would permit you to randomly attack during the complaint. However, at this time you do NOT inform me of any of that situation nor do you give me time to finish investigating the situation. If you make a complaint, the parties you accuse are very much apart of that complaint! EVE was on the server, take a look below 20:48:46 - Eve_of_Asgard has joined the game with ID: 1423600 20:48:53 - Eve_of_Asgard joined the Kingdom of Rohan *Recruiting*. 20:50:44 - Admin TA_Cappy (13799) teleported to player Hassan_Al-Djezairi (1506763). ----------------------------------------- So you lied about telling me that they combat logged. Then you lie again here. You're having a conversation with Eve before I even get there after Eve logs back in. 20:49:09 - *FACTION* Kingdom of Rohan *Recruiting* [Eve_of_Asgard] nice rdm 20:49:10 - *FACTION* Kingdom of Rohan *Recruiting* [Eve_of_Asgard] guys 20:49:16 - *FACTION* Kingdom of Rohan *Recruiting* [Hassan_Al-Djezairi] nice combat log 20:49:22 - *FACTION* Kingdom of Rohan *Recruiting* [Eve_of_Asgard] mate my nick is eve 20:49:23 - *FACTION* Kingdom of Rohan *Recruiting* [Hassan_Al-Djezairi] enjoy ban 20:49:25 - *FACTION* Kingdom of Rohan *Recruiting* [Eve_of_Asgard] not ,,eva 20:49:26 - *FACTION* Kingdom of Rohan *Recruiting* [Eve_of_Asgard] yy Then you lie below about how I was healing in combat just to make me sound bad. Bridge troll's response How many times are you going to lie in a single complaint. Every single one of my complaints have been invalid. All of them. Including yours in my opinion. I hope they continue to be invalid. If I do something wrong, I will humbly apologize and try to fix it. I hope the reviewing admin does something about the lying in this complaint on multiple occasions to make me look bad.
  7. Do not lie about me healing in combat. The video proved at no point did I heal during combat. Bridge_Troll also confirmed the matter.
  8. You did not tell me he combat logged? At least I cannot find it. I see you say it in Faction, but I was not there when you said this. If you wanna run off and say screw the complaint, that's fine. However, I was also dealing with Eve since he had questions as well and was speaking to me. You are not the only person on the PW server. You do NOT attack someone I am on a complaint with. If you wanna run off fine, but I am also trying to help Eve, not just you. Eve had just as many questions. Remember at this point, you did NOT tell me he combat logged. I was not aware of this. ------------------------------ So in the above logs, you did not tell me he combat logged. Then you attacked him when he was talking to me as well. Which should not be happening, regardless if you make the complaint. I am not just here for you, but everyone. In my opinion, and from the information I had on hand, you interfered in the complaint. I am just as much talking to the other person as the complainant in general. ----------------------------- With me, in the future, realize if you call me on a complaint, I am worried about that other person just as much as I am worried about you. They need to learn the rules as well. So when I TP to you, I want to explain the rules to them as well so they don't screw up again IF they even screwed up. I also gave you guys 10 seconds to decide what you wanted to do. The moment he ran off you could have killed him, which you knew you could have killed him because you went straight after him the moment he ran. That's as fair as I could have made it. I am dealing with two people in a complaint, not just Hassan.
  9. 20:49:16 - *FACTION* Kingdom of Rohan *Recruiting* [Hassan_Al-Djezairi] nice combat log 20:49:23 - *FACTION* Kingdom of Rohan *Recruiting* [Hassan_Al-Djezairi] enjoy ban 20:49:32 - *FACTION* Kingdom of Rohan *Recruiting* [Hassan_Al-Djezairi] mate spelling mistakes are allowed 20:49:41 - *LOCAL* [Hassan_Al-Djezairi] I clearly meant you 20:49:47 - *FACTION* Kingdom of Rohan *Recruiting* [Hassan_Al-Djezairi] I clearly meant you 20:50:10 - *PLAYER* [Kingdom of Rohan *Recruiting*] [Hassan_Al-Djezairi] Cappy you free? 20:50:26 - *ADMIN* [TA_Cappy] > [Hassan_Al-Djezairi] Yes? 20:50:44 - Admin TA_Cappy (13799) teleported to player Hassan_Al-Djezairi (1506763). 20:50:52 - *LOCAL* [Hassan_Al-Djezairi] I halted somebody called Eve 20:50:56 - *LOCAL* [Hassan_Al-Djezairi] But said Halt Eva 20:51:05 - *LOCAL* [Hassan_Al-Djezairi] in previous cases 20:51:14 - *LOCAL* [Hassan_Al-Djezairi] the spelling mistake of a single letter is allowed 20:51:24 - *LOCAL* [Hassan_Al-Djezairi] I said 'Halt Eva' 20:51:29 - *LOCAL* [Hassan_Al-Djezairi] cheers 20:51:30 - Hassan_Al-Djezairi attacked Horse (Eve_of_Asgard) dealing 39 damage 20:51:31 - Hassan_Al-Djezairi attacked Horse (Eve_of_Asgard) dealing 37 damage 20:51:35 - Eve_of_Asgard attacked Hassan_Al-Djezairi dealing 25 damage 20:51:39 - Abdul_Al-Djezairi attacked Hassan_Al-Djezairi dealing 11 damage 20:51:45 - *LOCAL* [Hassan_Al-Djezairi] wait 20:51:48 - *LOCAL* [Hassan_Al-Djezairi] WAIT 20:51:50 - *LOCAL* [Hassan_Al-Djezairi] HE SAID 20:52:00 - Hassan_Al-Djezairi attacked Eve_of_Asgard dealing 7 damage 20:52:03 - Hassan_Al-Djezairi attacked Eve_of_Asgard dealing 12 damage 20:52:04 - Hassan_Al-Djezairi attacked Eve_of_Asgard dealing 12 damage 20:52:06 - Hassan_Al-Djezairi attacked TA_Cappy dealing 6 damage 20:52:14 - *LOCAL* [Hassan_Al-Djezairi] I agreed 20:52:17 - *LOCAL* [Hassan_Al-Djezairi] I said wait halfwau 20:52:20 - *LOCAL* [Hassan_Al-Djezairi] He continues 20:52:34 - TA_Cappy attacked Hassan_Al-Djezairi dealing 22 damage 20:52:47 - *LOCAL* [Hassan_Al-Djezairi] ? 20:52:49 - *LOCAL* [Hassan_Al-Djezairi] For 20:52:59 - *LOCAL* [Hassan_Al-Djezairi] Righto 20:53:19 - *LOCAL* [Hassan_Al-Djezairi] Unneeded I didnt lie 20:53:22 - *LOCAL* [Hassan_Al-Djezairi] I told him that 20:53:31 - *LOCAL* [Hassan_Al-Djezairi] Jesus 20:53:39 - *LOCAL* [Hassan_Al-Djezairi] Im an Ex Admin of this server for Christ sakes 20:54:08 - Eve_of_Asgard attacked Hassan_Al-Djezairi dealing 37 damage
  10. I TPed in to see EvE off to my right in your faction. I was not aware of the combat log or I missed it in the mass spamming of the complaints and chat. Did you tell me he combat logged? Anyway, I said it was legal that you made a minor mistake. I asked him if he knew that you were the one that he was halting and he never said no and if I am not mistaken even said that YOU halted him. So i think he understood that you wanted him to stop / halt. However, you attacked him the moment I said it was legal. Which I was not done. I wanted to ask him if he had any question or needed to say something. I also wanted to ask you if you had any other questions. I did not say that you may continue fighting. You decided to attack him while I was still dealing with the complaint. Which I asked you to stop. Then you halted, and then he halted when I got between you, and I gave you both heals as I wasn't finished and asked you guys to stop. I decided not to punish you in the situation as I guess it could have been a mistake that I wasn't done. I started the count down from 1 - 10 to give you guys both a chance to react. This was as fair as I could make it. You also did not let me clarify the situation to see if I missed anything, you simply started attacking. If I missed the Combat Log statement this is your own fault for attacking while I was still dealing with the complaint in black admin armor. ------------- Again, you simply asked me if the Halt was Legal when I TPed in. I said yes, and you instantly attacked. You never asked me, when I was in-front of you, about a Combat Log. Again, this is your fault for attacking during the complaint while I was still actively dealing with it and not allowing me to further investigate. My only mistake was not banning you for interfering with an Admin complaint in my opinion.
  11. Wow .. I spawned in a Plate Charger to ride around on. I spawn in Corsair all the time to ride around the map. I was mass attacked by players and killed so they could get the plated charger. There were no complaints at the time, and I was bored. I do this all the time on the Corsair. I usually stay invisible even when riding. People constantly tried to mount the horses I was on. Thought it was funny when I kept moving the horse just out of range and they follow me on the Corsair. So i figured with all the crap going on about Plated Chargers about how expensive it was, figured I would get some laughs when people thought they were about to get a free charger. I was not interfering in anything. I was doing it mainly for my giggles since everything was so quiet. I am sorry you guys mass attacked me and thought it was okay for some reason to kill me to get a horse I am riding invisible. (courser) ... no idea why I cannot spell that horse's name right.
  12. Yes, I will unless that admin has a reputation of lying. Then that admin, if necessary, will still have to speak up for it.
  13. I trust the admins I am with and I will definitely give them the benefit of not doubting them until proved wrong.
  14. I am not dismissing you. I was letting you know you're able to log on if you thought you were banned for 24 hours. I didn't do anything wrong. Nor do I have any fear of this complaint. I was request by an admin to ban you temporarily which I did. This is between you and Hans.
  15. Banned them for Hans upon request, I'll have to wait for him to respond. He said you were warned on multiple occasions. You were also only banned for one hour, so you can log on at any point now.