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  1. Is there a reason you pretended this was not you? lol Seems like you're trying to lie here. I banned you until appeal originally for mass RDM. Then Ted came in behind you and finished off the ban. It's going to be a long while before you're unbanned. If I am not mistaken. You logged back in under Anddy and killed an Admin and then logged back out after your ban. So it's probably going to be a while. @Ted
  2. You are Andy. Why make two appeals. Do you think we are stupid and do not know this is your alt account to Andy or Andy is your alt account to Loid?
  3. I banned you for CLOGing for Joan. She said Halt Yorks - Exhility, Roose, and Gorg all combat logged within about 3 seconds of her saying that. She had a screenshot and saw it in the logs.
  4. 16:34:08 - *ADMIN* [GA_Cappy] > [Robert_Round_Belly] Why's you kill Hans? 16:34:13 - *ADMIN* [GA_Cappy] > [Robert_Round_Belly] Why'd you kill Hans? 16:34:51 - *ADMIN* [GA_Cappy] > [Robert_Round_Belly] Hello? 16:35:38 - *ADMIN* [GA_Cappy] > [Robert_Round_Belly] Hello 16:35:40 - *ADMIN* [GA_Cappy] > [Robert_Round_Belly] Press Backspace 16:35:43 - *ADMIN* [GA_Cappy] > [Robert_Round_Belly] To respond to me 16:35:46 - Admin GA_Cappy (13799) teleported to player Robert_Round_Belly (3607553). 16:35:46 - Horse (Robert_Round_Belly) attacked GA_Cappy dealing 0 damage 16:35:58 - *ADMIN* [GA_Cappy] > [Robert_Round_Belly] Mk, just ride away from me and not respond 16:36:01 - *ADMIN* [GA_Cappy] > [Robert_Round_Belly] See you in 24 hours 16:36:10 - Admin GA_Cappy (13799) temporarily banned player Robert_Round_Belly (3607553).
  5. Ogier has 24 hours to reply. Any other admin may handle the case.
  6. Levy_Wells_York as 24 hours to reply. I am not able to post logs at the moment since I am on the Mac and it seems to be interfering with the website. Any other admin may handle this complaint if he hasn't replied within 24 hours due to my limitation on copying and pasting the logs, atm.
  7. Rules speicifically state that you may not demand someone to speak in any chat. You may not demand someone to insult another faction. For some reason the website isn't complying with the Mac lately on copy and paste. So i'll take a screenshot. Logs show him make a demand for him to insult his friends, which he said nah and was then killed. 24 hour ban.
  8. Im not sure if Hagaron is dealing with this or not so anything may be reversed and he has my full permission to reopen and do what's necessary. Invalid complaint. After dealing with several incidents of rams, it could very easily sink other ships and is very annoying. If it doesn't sink the ship, it takes a good chunk of health out of their ship possibly ruining any plans of assault by sea. Ramming isn't to be taken lightly.
  9. Invalid - dealt with this in this past. Saying "Can I RDM you" or "Go ahead, RDM me" is a valid kill reason.
  10. All handed 24 hour bans. Niba was handled by another admin already.
  11. Refunded
  12. 15k refunded