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  1. How long did that take to make .. lol
  2. @Ted
  3. I'll give him a little time to explain.
  4. That ending ruined it. A lot of suffering happened at that moment, and a lot of suffering resulted all over the world because of that moment. That's like me making fun of the Germans during the Nuremberg Trials, or the Irish because of Bloody Sunday, or the Japanese because they were nuked. Not saying these are equal things in destruction and suffering, but it's things that aren't really mocked either. Any way, funny video besides the end. Was great. --------------------------- Caught live footage of Bawo addressing the Lorraines after the incident.
  5. Do you have multiple accounts you play Mount and Blade with?
  6. No ... I don't like the way you did the appeal. It didn't seem serious, and if the things don't work out with that clan, I feel like you'll just go on a mass RDMing spree again .. you said "maybe". Try again in a month or so.
  7. You're still on the same structure he is on. There's no set distance in the rules, so this will be a matter of opinion. I believe nothing was done wrong here. You were potentially mocking him and you are close enough to still be in area chat, you did not leave the area.
  8. Some people came into TeamSpeak asking for Hagaron. Hagaron jumped down a channel to see what they wanted, and my ears blew up as I joined after Hagaron because of certain people in the channel. If it were up to me, I would have banned them fairly quickly for certain reasons. So it was a good thing Hagaron was in the channel. I allowed Hagaron to handle it and never once did I object to him handling it. Hagaron and I are two different personalities, and his points were valid. I may or may not have disagreed with him on a few things. I was going to ban Crusher until Tav or Tommy wanted to deal with his unban appeal since I knew it was going to be political. However, Hagaron took control of the situation in TS since I was all about banning them from TS because of attitudes, and calmed the parties down. That's a testament to Hagaron willing to deal with the yelling, cursing, and insults. That's my weak point as an admin and I'll admit that here. Insulting me after I ask you to stop is a way to make the ban button seem much more appealing. I am not a politician. If it were up to me, the United States would be a bonified Christian country, we would have bombed Iran, China and Putin would be put on mute, placed 5 embassies in Jerusalem as a F U to anyone who hated Israel, nuked North Korea, American would be the official US language, built an electric wall between the US and Mexico so not only could they not get over, it would shock them, too; and abortions would be illegal. Again, I am not a politician as you can see. I leave that up to Tav, Tommy, or other admins that handle other aspects of the community. I am an admin that will take action and let the other guys who balance the fine line of trying to keep things at peace decide what should be done after my ban. So again, I had no problem with Hagaron taking over the situation as I was simply going to ban them or ignore them until Tav or Tommy any way. I am not responding to the event. I am just letting you guys know why Hagaron was involved. ----------- Also, please remember this a video game guys. I and others keep forgetting at times.
  9. Post the rules here, and i'll unban you after you read the rules you post. This shouldn't be happening again. Just report them or place a player complaint.
  10. Recruitable NPCs .. a must
  11. I can no longer access the logs for that date. Logs are only stored for 7 days. I cannot confirm this for you. I will be banning Dave for 1 day as it's his first offense for RDM. He may appeal this ban if he agrees to refund you the amount lost.