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  1. you better leave the middle completely blank and straight or i will report this for not being true to reality
  2. Well, my mistake then. He suicided anyway so theres no issue here.
  3. Not only that Aegon but if he had left it wouldnt have been clog. A single person logging off on a war isnt clog as long as he isnt on an activd hostile situation. And you werent part of the war so it would have been legal anyway
  4. I think only Anderson and a pleb called C9_Shroud were close to the church, the rest of us were in our castle waiting to declare, we took a while to get there. We killed you and went to cap your castle afterwards, we got no silver out of it as far as I know, it wasnt what we wanted anyway.
  5. First of all, the silver may still be there then because none of us sold any silver to my knowledge and second, we were killboxing the entries to the rangers guild which is completely legal, as is spawnkilling, nobody forces you to go through the TP door anyway and as far as I know we werent spawnkilling outside, we just held the TP doors till we capped.
  6. We warred them like we warred the HRE before, we wanted to fight, you can see some people in our faction telling us to war you guys because you had silver for ages (an admin could check) and how I (PiscinasDecoytec) and Vox said that we didnt care about silver we just wanted to fight. We defeated the HRE in Whiterun, came back to our castle of Helheim and then warred you guys, then we were told you were by the church and we killed all of you, I dont think you even had silver at that point as we didnt get any, then we moved to Rangers guild, we took a while because we had people yoloing us (can be seen in the logs) and as soon as we got there we split up and went through the TP doors, broke your poor attempt at a killbox and capped. Pretty sure an admin can fact check what I said with the logs and see it makes sense.
  7. To halt means to stop. To stop means to cease, maybe if you continued using your brain we wouldn't be having this pointless debate????? Copy pasted from Tav's post in the other complaint, because he is right and hes better at explaining kek
  8. This has been deemed invalid several times before IIRC
  9. new horse bad old horse good fuck you
  10. Nah its not the size, it just looks agressive and dangerous, the new one looks like any other horse.
  11. The classic plated charger looks brutal tbh I'd prefer it stayed like that
  12. Whatever, all I know is that in the past this has been deemed illegal and you guys have done similar things a few times in the last week so we'll just have to wait for an admin to arrive and make a judgement
  13. If your castle is being raided and you're inside the castle you're in a hostile situation so you can't log off
  14. This has been clog in the past several times and the Blackthornes have already done something similar 3 times in the week since I started playing again so it seems they just leave whenever they feel like they may be in danger.
  15. add finland and make it khergit themed