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  1. This plays into Alecks idea of outposts on his suggestion which is, I think, the best that could happen to the mod to make it more entetaining. This is the original suggestion. Also byzs, stop being salty cus you suck lol
  2. A new player will understand how to deal with outlaws quicker if theyre KOS. Right now the outlaw comes to a newb, issues demands and ends up fighting him or just dying and complaining because he was demanded to drop his gear.
  3. Oh I hoped classes got increased shield skill, shields are weak on PK/PW
  4. Thats where being a smart player comes, dont serf at war, ask for help if youre not sure if you might be mugged and in case you do get mugged try to make a run for it towards faction members, and if you die call a KOS on the killer through faction chat, give all the necessary data for it and someone will probably go and kill the guy, you might even recover your stuff.
  5. Did classes have such high shield skill on PW or is that new for PK? I seem to remember most classes having 1 or 0 shield.
  6. You must be a smarter, if youre by yourself, dont have friends on the server yet and youre not in a faction that takes care of you or a clan you will be seen as a source of income for those trained as a combat class. If youre not planning on joining a clan anytime soon you must at least approach a faction just so they know you, once youre acquainted with a faction they will let you be or give you a hand. Always be wary of your surroundings, if youre in a faction in the middle of a war you will probably be killed. Try and save gold to train smith/doctor people tend to respect commoner smiths and doctors thst offer their services. Or try to find a friendly guy willing to teach you the ways of PK and maybe give you some money, we are a toxic community but theres a few of those. EDIT: 3 jerusalem members coming to the aid of a pleb, who wouldve thought.
  7. If this was added I would consider using warbands music again.
  8. Nothing that requires persistent admin attention will really be considered I think, I like the idea tho.
  9. Unless it was changed in PK footman has quite similar stats to sergeant. I for one remember fondly the outlaw death squads back in the day when they were KOS, problem is that you can abuse it easily, any clan can mass join the outlaws and go spawnkill a faction without repercussions.
  10. I dont see bloodstains either idk why.
  11. tbf when I refused to side with anyone when I was in CI we got bullied for like two weeks xd
  12. Thanks for repeating what Glopaxi said
  13. dont use HDR then? Warband on dx9 can look really good and I miss it.
  14. I cleaned and fully formatted my computer like a month and a half ago, everything worked perfectly till like a week ago.
  15. Always used DX9, although recently something must've happened to my computer and my usual good fps are gone so I've been forced to use DX7, I get 90 odd fps now.