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  1. We didnt break anything at the time you were nrring us. Every time you died you tried to kill someone. I even told you that it's not alright to just attack people straight after spawning if all we do is sit infront of the stables in your castle, but you kept doing it. You clearly don't know the rules.
  2. we didnt even attack him.after we halted him and took his tincan he attacked us like 5 times straight after he respawned (nrr and rdm)
  3. Ye rule is dumb whoever came up with that idea should get kicked off the admin team
  4. Seeing as you consider this kill also valid now u may aswell drop the complaint and dont waste an admins time. Glad you noticed you were lacking knowledge regarding the ruleset without much drama! :^)
  5. Moneyglitch just turned out to be gamebreaking hence the punishment and fix. The.bolts/arrow and shield repair glitch are also exploits that are however not a big deal therefore they're tolerated. This maperror exists since day 1 of map release. As dekkers stated the admins are aware of it aswell giving players the impression that it's tolerated. Jumping twice is nothing special either.
  6. that's the biggest bullshit i've ever seen lol if something wrong is on the map for ages like this it's the admins job to fix it. in any competetive game any kind of bugs/glitches are within the rules as it's the developers/server providers/mappers job to fix them. If any player is smart enough to find something that gives them an advantage they're usually free to use it. Goes for warband too btw. the only thing I've seen punished in ages was pixelwalking in csgo and that's only because it's too gamebreaking as you can walk literally above maps and shit
  7. im not sure who you guys are but you should probably re-read the ruleset instead of reporting others for valid kills
  8. @Peppersaid someone said help and granted us a killreason iirc. Perhabs he halted someone before
  9. I just copy pasted since he is banned from the forums. I also stated he was banned for something else but apparently he's not. Can't do anything about the font for whatever reason. Your in-game name when you were banned: Joshu4Your GUID (not required):Why you think you were banned: Used a MEME with a face from "Tywin" i guessWhy you should be unbanned: Already banned for 5 motnhs and i've grown up since then...Any other information that might be useful: I dont consider sharing personal Information as funny anymore
  10. hello my screenshots are protected by copyright i demand 50k
  11. is the outlaw camp only accessible by boat? I'd change that since most of the boats disappear on the end of the map a few hours after server restart