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  1. inb4 hes gone after 2 weeks again
  2. First guy that clogged literally saw us walking up to him and quit after we halted him. He also didn't log back in, so I don't see how this is not considered clog. Otherwise i can just altf4 the second someone halts me and I'm alright?
  3. I mean that's not exactly hard most of the people playing are fucking autists.
  4. War may not be used to hide RDM. Coming to hellheim where we're sieging an enemy faction to kill us then go back to the castle and peace is surely not fine by the rules
  5. how about you fix your maps? @William @Avenger @Henricus
  6. Yes we do But thanks for the steam logs we'll have a nice chat with ares
  7. He can. You looted ares' kill granting him a kos. As we are in the same faction we share all killreasons so everyone was allowed to instandly attack you. nice invalid complaint
  8. just upload your recording. the screenshot of your death is obviously not enough since the leave command was spammed before so you need to provide evidence that you didn't see it
  9. Doesnt matter if u saw the halt or had no time to react. We killed your factionmembers having valid killreasons which turned the area into a skirmish zone. Ye unlucky that you got caught up in it.
  10. We had people still looting up after the war so we kept demanding you to leave as several of your clanmatws tried to get inside the caslte. They didn't stop running in so we moved up and told you all to fuck off. It was spammed in enlarged local chat. Pretty sure it reached you. You didn't leave as demanded giving us a killreason. What Simple is reporting here (in case he didn't saw the leave command or just joined their group there standing later on) is a skirmish. We had kos on them and started to smack them. Next time just leave if you're told to leave.
  11. ye damn got me there didnt kill you anyway so i didn't play myself but if you didnt show pouch to bony then it doesn't matter
  12. you were demanded to open the gate. You refused to as you said in your report which gives us a killreason
  13. you can call no loot for every kind of loot i can call no loot and kill you for looking into a cart I don't own even if you don't take something out of it