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  1. it's funny that you guys do everything to ban a person from the server, then complain that the server is dead, you're just a child who cries just for losing a shield and a sword, that's why the server later becomes very toxic, because people like you spread the toxic. Stop being a kid and start playing the game like a normal person
  2. And now you do not want to refund, make me laugh.
  3. Yes it is true that we were trying to kill the baino, but you were in the place where the baino was fighting, you could just leave, but I killed you because you were in front of the baino, i didnt want to kill you ,you instead of moving you stayed the same where baino was, and I refused the refund because I said that your things were there, so it was necessary for me to give you the refund, you did not want to go there to get your stuff, you started to ask for refund and admin heal, because What would I give money if your things were there? I was there waiting for you to come to give you the stuff, you did not want to.
  4. The think is Normandys were breking the gates and 4head was helping them , when johann opened ,we were trying to get the normandys but 4 head started to kill me for no reason , and thats helping the normandys
  5. i didnt aim at him , i was aiming at the normandys guys
  6. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Lina_rill The person(s) you are reporting: a_very_angry_doctor, big_goat, FEELMYFEET The time and date of the incident: 00:50 - 21/08/2018 What you are reporting them for: Illegal Demand The full story: I was on the golden island with other guys who belonged to the godwin faction, until we saw a boat coming in, and I got in a corner because I knew they were coming to make a robbery or killing their enemys, I was in the commner faction, and the boat who was coming was an enemy of the godwin, they arrived, killed all that belonged to the godwin faction and did not kill me, last 1 minute just told me, "show pouch lina" and I showed to everyone,i had a money bag with me and suddenly began to say "drop the pouch" and I did not do it, because they are not outlaws to say it and then after some time they killed me and I lost the money bag I had with me. In this they all did illegal Halt, illegal demand and RDM. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: This is the screenshot of the guys were involve on the illegal halt etc... Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: No
  7. you didnt show the pouch to me , there is nothing in my logs