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  1. its totally rp then
  2. only if u use /me cmd
  3. Ik everybody could rob back in those days, but not w/o any reasons. Ok, not only outlaws can rob but they can rob anyone at any time, other faction members can rob only members of faction which they are in war with, and they can only rob farmers etc. With that they can provoke(idk how to spell this) war and other faction can answer by declaring war or something like that. Nah i dont want some hard roleplayin like entering /me cmd for moving my ass for 2cm i just want things like this: I remember when Lady Semiramis formed some kingdom and people chose to bow, to escort her or take part in feasts, to take on all the formalities because it was fun, they simply liked immersing themselves in that court life RP. Or, when Duke Burgh was kidnapped by the Town Watch and they demanded a ransom. I also remember the weddings that turned into bloodbaths, the peasant rebellions and the bandit hunts from New Zendar. Well, some new rules should be applied just for guys that like to troll and swing their swords 24/7. I agree totally with Roymar Lenn
  4. the thing that i hate the most
  5. just sayin
  6. I enjoy here too i just started playin but with some previous experience from rp games i just thought that this server will be more like that. I didnt said server is borin i just said that it ll be more fun for me if my suggestion was added on server. :)
  7. atleast im tryin
  8. What is your suggestion: To bring more rp to server Why did you bring this up: Its kinda boring that every day goes like this 'lets declare war on someone, and fight w/o reason or smthn', 'look at this guy, oh i have full armor, im mounted, i have a good sword he has nothing gonna rob him w/o reason' . Idk did i just got wrong mod but wait, wouldnt it be more funny to play with some more roleplay included? What i mean is that outlaws should be more important ig, and they should be able to rob ppl only, thats for god sake what outlaws do, right? Diplomacy should be on more included, like u should have some reason for declaring war on somebody. Like: Member of one faction attacked farmers of other faction, lets declare war on them and show them what do they deserve. (thats firsty more rp than now on server). There can be a lot more reasons for wars. Then, idk is this already on server but, swords and armor should be only crafted, not that u can buy them on stockpile. Thats what craftsman are on server, right? They make armor for their faction, and faction members that are soldiers in that faction buy it for some low price(if armor is made by craftsman from their faction) and craftsman can only sell armor etc to members of their faction. Commoners can sell all of that to everybody at some price(idk what) and they can be robbed by outlaws. If u add this to server it would be less trolls and more rp, i mean thats what i like and i think lots of others. Anything else: Im new on this server, maybe im wrong totally about this but this is just my opinion. And yea, i have more ideas about this but i think nobody would like this so i ll keep them for myself xd