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  1. I hope this a joke... your ban ends later today, enjoy!
  2. These are the logs related to this complaint; 18:41:54 - USA_Sigi attacked Horse (Templar_KingsGuard_Spartan) dealing 49 damage 18:41:55 - USA_Sigi attacked Horse (Templar_KingsGuard_Spartan) dealing 49 damage 18:41:57 - USA_Sigi attacked Templar_KingsGuard_Spartan dealing 22 damage 18:42:00 - USA_Sigi attacked Templar_KingsGuard_Spartan dealing 0 damage 18:42:01 - Templar_KingsGuard_Spartan attacked USA_Sigi dealing 30 damage 18:42:02 - Templar_KingsGuard_Spartan attacked USA_Sigi dealing 14 damage 18:42:02 - Templar_KingsGuard_Spartan <img=ico_swordtwo> USA_Sigi 18:42:12 - *FACTION* House Tredian [USA_Sigi] GET HIM 18:42:38 - USA_Sigi picked up Two Handed Sword(ID: 262) from the ground. 18:42:46 - USA_Sigi attacked Templar_Lord_Bil dealing 50 damage 18:42:46 - USA_Sigi <img=ico_swordtwo> Templar_Lord_Bil 18:42:46 - USA_Sigi killed a member of a friendly faction! As you can see, Sigi was in a fight with KG Spartan and was defeated but then returned to attack you Bil. From looking at your screenshot and the logs, it is easy to determine that you were not at war and he did not in fact have a kill reason on you. Another interesting fact I uncovered is that after defeating you, USA_Sigi then returned and attacked Templar_Kingsguard_Spartan and eventually defeated him. 18:42:47 - USA_Sigi attacked Horse (Templar_KingsGuard_Spartan) dealing 56 damage 18:42:49 - USA_Sigi attacked Horse (Templar_KingsGuard_Spartan) dealing 65 damage 18:42:49 - USA_Sigi attacked Templar_KingsGuard_Spartan dealing 0 damage 18:42:51 - USA_Sigi attacked Templar_KingsGuard_Spartan dealing 17 damage 18:42:52 - USA_Sigi attacked Templar_KingsGuard_Spartan dealing 0 damage 18:42:56 - USA_Sigi attacked Templar_KingsGuard_Spartan dealing 20 damage 18:42:58 - USA_Sigi attacked Templar_KingsGuard_Spartan dealing 23 damage 18:43:02 - USA_Sigi attacked Templar_KingsGuard_Spartan dealing 34 damage 18:43:02 - USA_Sigi <img=ico_swordtwo> Templar_KingsGuard_Spartan 18:43:02 - USA_Sigi killed a member of a friendly faction! Unfortunately I cannot punish him for this NRR breach as I do not know the context of this fight (perhaps they are friends and just messing around etc). But if Templar_KingsGuard_Spartan wishes to make a complaint about this, Sigi will be dealt with appropraitely. As of now, USA_Sigi will be dealt a two day ban as this is his first offence. Bil feel free to make a refund request for any items you may have lost as a result of this RDM.
  3. yes, we are all american *chuckles in tea language*
  4. oh shit a TA made a joke, quick simon jump on that fact and ignore everything else on the vouch!11111
  5. 18:20:51 - SkyBoulderKingHarding attacked Horse (Templar_Lord_Bil) dealing 33 damage 18:20:54 - SkyBoulderKingHarding attacked Horse (Templar_Lord_Bil) dealing 32 damage 18:21:01 - SkyBoulderKingHarding attacked Horse (Templar_Lord_Bil) dealing 38 damage 18:21:04 - SkyBoulderKingHarding attacked Templar_Lord_Bil dealing 41 damage 18:21:04 - SkyBoulderKingHarding <img=ico_bow> Templar_Lord_Bil 18:21:04 - SkyBoulderKingHarding killed a member of a friendly faction! I believe these are the logs for this incident. From what I can see, Bil did not provoke this attack and SkyBoulderKingHarding had no kill reason. Attacking someone's horse and then preceding to kill the player is in fact RDM. "This was all a big meme." Is not a valid excuse. This appears to be your first offence, though this is a clear breach of the rules. SkyBoulderKingHarding will be banned for one day and any repeat offences will result in harsher punishment.I recommend you spend this time reading through the rules thoroughly to avoid future incidents. Bil, feel free to make a refund request for anything you may have lost as a result of this RDM but by looking at the screenshot provided, it does not look like this will be necessary.
  6. Well written application, above the age of twelve, past administrator experience, what more is there to say? Vouch
  7. Wait, is this an NA admin application with at least mediocre grammar? it's a Christmas miracle. But in all seriousness, I would like to hear about any admin experience you have on any server even if it's not Persistent World. I will wait for this information to be given before I share my opinion.
  8. As stated on previous applications, there are so many tools available to grammar check applications online before they are posted that it really makes no sense that there are full stops mid sentence and no apostrophes in sight. I understand that you are only fourteen but for the love of god, please make use of that lovely education system that you have over there in the United States. It really comes down to how mature he is and whether he matches the stereotype that is given to fourteen year old squeakers, though looking at the posts on this application, it seems he fits it rather well. However due to having no experience in meeting this applicant, I cannot say whether or not he would fit the role of administrator effectively. So for now, I will remain neutral.
  9. Perhaps you should have proof read your application before posting it, for instance "I know have to take the other persons anger" and "It is very important for staff to work as a team but I also feel that it is very important for the staff to work together as a team" Just highlights a lack of effort in my opinion.