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  1. Cataphract_Matoflen Couched I_Am_the_Sex is what that screen shot shows, I'm assuming thats what you were asking anyway. The time is stated above, Ctrl + F is a mans best friend!
  2. u wot
  3. Here's my screenshot friends:
  4. Your GUID and name: 2811277 Reason for refund: Couched by Cataphract_Matoflen during the illegal war earlier on. Date & Time: Must've been 3pm ish GMT Did you take a server crash refund (if applicable): N/A. Link to the complaint (if applicable): N/A. Screenshot: Can't say I have one however England members were told they were eligible for a refund as am I. Estimated amount: A humble 50k should suffice as I lost two sets of archer tin and horsies
  5. sister
  6. Personally I think we should see a banner of your profile pic
  7. Renamed once, cock sleeze some of Weezy's names: Lancaster, York, Clegane, Greyjoy, Bolton. If you know anymore feel free to add as I can't keep track. Can't consider him to be leadership when once again... he doesn't come on.
  8. Beauforts are the only ones voting for VoS for their archer spam, holy lands if you all know whats good for you
  9. Hard to call him a member when he doesn't show up
  10. When its done close it as long as there's no snakey business and its genuine im fine with it
  11. I cba to read all that shit stop being a snake and fess up
  12. No screenshot providing me attacking you or presenting my lance, simply me outside of my castle during war attacking someone completely different.
  13. The screenshots evidently show me attacking you don't they, even the logs will prove I didn't hit you once. But please don't get more depressed when the complaint is deemed valid.
  14. You can also see me turning in that screenshot soo....
  15. To add, the person on the bridge I was at war with and I was at that time fighting so the fact they classed that as a kill reason and killed me during the war is interfering.