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  1. You could just do a retextured version of the plated charger so it doesnt look like its made of play-doh. EG : or Credits to whoever did textures for prophesy of pendor
  2. I was told you were KoS in ts by another member. I can upload the recording if youd like to see it.
  3. flick no!
  4. no one likes muslims
  5. Don't steal my meme wheelboi.
  6. Back to the cotton fields
  7. That's gay. You're gay.
  8. thank god i can finally show my beautiful face i spent hours perfecting in the character creation screen and being protected from ooga booga's and their clubs at the same time. william u r my hero !!1!one
  9. As an American I support both of these.
  10. I propose we increase the number of Bridge trolls you can buy.
  11. ggikec rights matter
  12. Love the map. Thread is mild autism.
  13. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Baron_Rainer_Normandy The person(s) you are reporting: LeoTheLittleEinstein The time stamp; date of the incident (in Central Standard Time, anything else will be ignored completely): 5:45 CST What you are reporting them for: Illegal Halt The full story: I was running around on a charger with full tin can cause I'm a person with shit on his stick and that is how I roll. Leo comes up to me and says Halt Rainer drop armor. I say you can only halt for a persons pouch because I'm a very professional admin and I know the rules!! Anyway he attacks me and I hit his saddle horse, then 2 goons come out of nowhere and I ask Kealad for help, seeing him nearby. He valiantly leaps to my aid and dies by my side, and I pull back trying to get distance between me and the gank squad coming after me. It doesn't work and I die. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation (any and all screenshots or video footage for example): Logs (CBA to take screenshots) Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: 60k for the gear/charger and 10k for the emotional damage of the Einsteins shit talking me after they jumped me like a bunch of inferior races.
  14. pls mercy milord