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  1. Your GUID and name: 1991999 MercerThePinkPig Reason for refund: Spawned under water in full plate Date & Time: 27/12/18 8:45 AM EST Did you take a server crash refund (if applicable): Link to the complaint (if applicable): Screenshot: hidden Estimated amount: 115k
  2. Yeah my horse and I have been discriminated against and I demand reparations for the financial loss this server has put me through.
  3. oofer gang
  4. Feature Name: Female Cheer Detailed description of your suggested feature: Literally what the title says cause its not immersive when I want to cheer as a female character and I just raise my arms up silently.
  5. You could just do a retextured version of the plated charger so it doesnt look like its made of play-doh. EG : or Credits to whoever did textures for prophesy of pendor
  6. I was told you were KoS in ts by another member. I can upload the recording if youd like to see it.
  7. flick no!
  8. no one likes muslims
  9. Don't steal my meme wheelboi.
  10. Back to the cotton fields
  11. That's gay. You're gay.
  12. thank god i can finally show my beautiful face i spent hours perfecting in the character creation screen and being protected from ooga booga's and their clubs at the same time. william u r my hero !!1!one
  13. As an American I support both of these.
  14. I propose we increase the number of Bridge trolls you can buy.
  15. ggikec rights matter