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  1. Awesome! As a witcher fan I hope to see this on a server with lots of people!
  2. Fixed, thanks a lot man, have a cookie!
  3. Ok so, I have a problem, I can enter the server and play a bit for like around 10 seconds to 5 minutes or longer (not so much longer tho) but after some time I get "kicked from the srever", I tried changing name and it still keeps kicking me, I can't even enter other PW servers nor Native and this problem keeps going, in case this might help: I had a cracked CD key to try the game out but then I uninstalled it and bought a GOG key from G2A so now I have a legit key, before it didn't let me enter the server at all, I repaired and now I can enter and do some stuff, then I get kicked for no reason, how can I solve this? EDIT: in Native I also get this this error message when trying to use Multiplayer, don't know if it helps.