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  1. Warzone. Warzones: Any area where two factions are engaging in is considered a war zone, you travel through there at your own risk.
  2. Since Ari is not wiling to solve this complaints peacefully i will respond in the same matter we shall not accept any refund for this complaint, i might change my it into a refund if Ari is willing to negotiate.
  3. I told him to shoot Ago since he was going to take the cart apart from this its common sense he was going to steal it now i know you are going to come along with that argument that "hahhhha he didint take it yet" Anyways if any punishment is to going to get given out here i am the responsible one ence i shall take the blame.
  4. I do agree with MR.Mexico over here dont add TP doors on a Map it is the recipe for disaster.
  5. Nice map but it's like op castle central!
  6. We did not have 6 officials we had 40 people it was the war when we wared Beufort and France in Vorn when the french went back to jelk you guys logged off so i dont know what you are on about 6 officials, therefore the requested amount of the refund is reasonable.
  7. Well it is a reasonable refund request that he is asking i mean you logged all of you're members off when we were going to siege you so i don't see why it's not a reasonable request.
  8. Sharp requests that only Swann and Beaufort leadership that were on at the time to reply, this to avoid any confusion and autism on the complaint. Also i quote this " There is no need for this type of language, lets settle this without that.
  9. This is clear banmongering lol because everyone does it in this game and no one gives a shit and you come along with you are white KNIGHT attitude fuck off if you can't handle it.
  10. I VOUCH! This beautiful Dutch man in my opinion should replace techno as Head Admin of this server!
  11. Thank you <3
  12. Disbanded.
  13. Again ill repost this because i can see the level of autism in stonewell members. The only people posting in a complaint should be: The complainer The complainee The admin dealing with the complaint Anyone posting evidence, in the form of screenshots/video/previous complaints